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Program Information

Note: If the courses and syllabi are the same, multiple programs (e.g. Undergraduate, Graduate, etc.) can be listed on the same AFCPE Registered Education Program Application. Otherwise, separate applications, syllabi, and application fees must be submitted. *Note: Non-Degree Seeking Programs - AFCPE Registered Education Programs are designed for candidates who: 1) do not want to matriculate into a college or university and 2) want to complete an educational program 100% online. Non-Degree Seeking Program options may offer college credit or may be for professional development purposes (non-credit). Many AFCPE Registered Education Programs have courses that are 100% online but are not considered “non-degree seeking” because students must apply and matriculate into the college/university before entering the program.

Contact Information

Please fill in the information below so we will know who will be involved in your REP.

Core Curriculum List

College/university coursework within AFCPE Registered Education Programs must address all content areas within the AFC® core competencies. Students cannot become an AFC candidate until they have met the AFC educational requirement through the successful completion of the required courses at their REP (verified by transcript review by AFCPE). Unnecessary courses should not be included below in order to avoid creating barriers for students who want to pursue this opportunity. To become an AFCPE REP, the following language must be included in the syllabus for each course in your core curriculum: “This course is part of the core curriculum for the (University/College Name)’s AFCPE Registered Education Program with the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education (AFCPE®). For more information about AFCPE and obtaining your Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC®) designation through the AFCPE Registered Education Program pathway, please visit” Please provide information below on the courses that students must take (6 credits minimum) to satisfy the core competencies and be eligible to sit for the AFC certification exam. Please provide a detailed syllabus for each course in this section during application submission.
Course Title
Course Hours

Core Curriculum Details

Course Number and Title
Term(s) offered
Course Length
Course delivery
Degrees and Designations
Course Subjects Covered
Textbook Title

AFC Core Competencies Alignment

Indicate in the ‘Course Number’ column which core curriculum courses address the AFC Core Competencies listed below. More than one course per competency may be listed.
1. Set the Stage and Gather Client Information
Establish the Counseling Enviroment
Gather Client Information
Form a Strategic Plan
2. Assist a Client in Creating an Action Plan
Assist client in establishing goals
Assist client in identifying strategies to attain goals
3. Develop Financial Statements, Ratios and Spending Plans
Educate a client about a cash flow statement
Educate a client about a net worth statement
Educate a client about personal financial ratios
Educate a client about spending plans
4. Manage Money
Educate a client about financial services
Familiarize a client with basic tax management
Discuss employment considerations with a client
5. Manage Credit and Debt
Educate a client about uses of credit
Educate a client about credit reports and scores
Educate a client about credit products
Educate a client about debt management
Educate a client about identity theft
6. Educate a Client about Major Acquisitions
Acquire property
Educate a client about renting a home
Educate a client about purchasing a home
Educate a client about selling a home
Educate a client about consumer rights and responsibilities
7. Manage Financial Risks
Educate a client about financial risk
Educate a client about insurance products
8. Discuss Investment Basics with a Client
Educate a client about investment fundamentals
Educate a client about investment choices
Educate a client about investor protection
9. Educate a Client about the Financial Aspects of Retirement and Estate Planning
Educate a client about retirement planning
Educate a client about estate planning

Program Supports

AFCPE Registered Education Programs are encouraged to have additional curriculum and opportunities that support the development of students pursuing AFC certification. Please list any additional courses that support student development in areas of personal finance, counseling, and/or debt management.
Additional Courses
Course Number
Course Title
Credit Hours
Description of Support Provided
Use the space above to describe other opportunities/programming that support student development in areas of personal finance, counseling, and debt management (e.g., Student Money Management Center, community outreach, involvement with professional associations, etc.). REPs are encouraged to develop partnerships that provide opportunities for students to work toward their 1,000-hour AFC experience requirement. Program contacts of AFCPE REPs are expected to develop professional relationships with their peers at other colleges and universities. To help foster these relationships, AFCPE may coordinate periodic meetups, either virtual or at the AFCPE Symposium, to encourage networking, sharing ideas, and to discuss the status of AFCPE REPs. Colleges and universities interested in attaining AFCPE REP status commonly request that AFCPE connect them with administrators from current REPs. AFCPE may contact to you make a connection with a prospective REP, request to share your syllabi, etc.


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