New CEU Opportunity: Review AFC® Online Study Guide

It’s been a year or so since we’ve done a refresh of the AFC® Online Study Guide and we’ve decided that this time around we’d like to take advantage of the deep knowledge base of our AFC certified professionals. To that end, we’re seeking certified professionals to review the content in the AFC Online Study Guide and to provide updates, corrections, and suggestions for improvements.

Reviewers can earn CEUs for actual research time, up to 2 CEUs per module.

Each reviewer can claim up to three modules. (Note that we have multiple slots for each module; the goal is to have each module reviewed by 2-3 people.)

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Peer Review Expectations:

  • You will have 2 weeks from date of assignment to complete your review. Please be thoughtful when signing up. If you fail to meet your deadline, your module(s) will be reassigned and you will not be able to sign up for another one. No CEUs will be awarded for late or incomplete reviews.
  • Each reviewer will be given a log to be used to identify any issues in the course, along with suggested changes.
  • For each module, you will:
    • Review the content for accuracy. If inaccurate content is found, provide corrected language.
    • Offer suggestions for audio-visual opportunities. This could be ideas for graphics we could commission, videos that we can link to, etc.
    • Offer suggestions for course improvement. This could include better or more complete answers for activities, improved quiz questions, etc.

To Claim a Module:

E-mail Summer Red at to claim a module. Be sure to include both the module number and module name that you are claiming.

Only 1 module may be claimed at a time, but you can include backup requests in case your first choice is filled.  Once you complete a module, you can claim another one.


If you have questions about this project, please e-mail Summer Red.

Available Study Guide Modules

List will be updated as modules are claimed.

NOTE: Due to accreditation guidelines, this opportunity is ONLY available to 
AFC certified professionals who passed their exam at least 4 years before.

  • FILLED – Module 1: The Counseling Environment
  • FILLED – Module 2: Client Information
  • FILLED – Module 3: Strategic Counseling Plan
  • FILLED – Module 4: Client Goals
  • FILLED – Module 5: Strategies to Attain Goals
  • FILLED – Module 6: Cash Flow Statement
  • FILLED – Module 7: Net Worth Statement
  • FILLED – Module 8: Personal Financial Ratios
  • FILLED – Module 9: Spending Plans
  • FILLED – Module 10: Financial Services
  • FILLED – Module 11: Basic Tax Management
  • FILLED – Module 12: Employment Considerations
  • FILLED – Module 13: Uses of Credit
  • FILLED – Module 14: Credit Reports and Scores
  • FILLED – Module 15: Credit Products
  • FILLED – Module 16: Debt Management
  • FILLED – Module 17: Acquiring Property
  • FILLED – Module 18: Renting a Home
  • FILLED – Module 19: Purchasing a Home
  • FILLED – Module 20: Selling a Home
  • FILLED – Module 21: Consumer Rights and Responsibilities
  • FILLED – Module 22: Identity Theft
  • FILLED – Module 23: Investor Protection
  • FILLED – Module 24: Financial Risk
  • FILLED – Module 25: Insurance Products
  • FILLED – Module 26: Investment Fundamentals
  • FILLED – Module 27: Investment Choices
  • FILLED – Module 28: Retirement Planning
  • FILLED – Module 29: Estate Planning
  • FILLED – Module 30: Next Steps (Getting Certified)
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