Please complete the form below to submit an AFCC exam request. 

If this request is for an exam retake, and you have not submitted your exam retake fee, please CLICK HERE to submit the fee. 

AFCPE uses ProctorU for remote proctoring of the AFCC exam. To view their system requirements, please CLICK HERE. 

AFCC Exam Request

AFCC candidates will use this form to request exam scheduling. There are two exams required for completion of the AFCC program; please submit one form for each exam. Exam scheduling must be requested at least 14 days in advance. OACCS is the exclusive distributor of the AFCC program. For full exam guidelines and rescheduling policy, please see the AFCC Candidate Handbook in your myAFCPE Dashboard.

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Please provide information for the test taker.
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Please use the email address associated with your myAFCPE account.

Which exam are you scheduling?

Two exams are required to complete the AFCC certification; please submit one form for each exam.
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Is this exam a retake?

If you are retaking an exam because you were unsuccessful in a previous attempt, a retake fee is required. Please use the link located on the navigation sidebar to submit your retake fee. You may contact OACCS at with any questions.
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If a retake fee has not been paid, please use the link on the sidebar to submit payment.

When would you like to test?

AFCPE requires 14 days' notice for scheduling an exam.
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Please select your preferred exam date. Requested dates are not guaranteed. Exams must be scheduled at least 14 days in advance. We are unable to schedule exams more than 60 days in advance. If your exam is scheduled for a weekend or holiday, AFCPE staff will not be available should you encounter an issue when testing.

How will you be testing?

AFCC candidates may use an in-person proctor of their choosing or request remote proctoring. AFCPE uses ProctorU for remote proctoring (see above for system requirements). Candidates are responsible for any proctor fees.
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In-person Proctor Information

Please complete this section only if you are using an in-person proctor. See the AFCC Candidate Handbook for proctor policies.
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