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Position Description:

Want to help make learning about personal finance more fun and engaging for adults? Use your knowledge and experience to create content for short lessons that can be played on a phone (Read on to play a sample lesson).

We’re developing a unique e-learning game that teaches adults to make better money choices – by personalizing it to each user’s own financial situation. You’ll take financial concepts and, using a game activity outline, write 1-2 short sentence scenarios, choices and feedback for each round of the lesson.

If you’d also like to get your creative juices flowing, you can brainstorm game activities in addition to the content.

WHAT MAKES MONEYNOSH UNIQUE: Our approach is based on a research paper by Lauren Willis, The Financial Education Fallacy (2011), which outlines the key obstacles to adult financial literacy. Each lesson is personalized down to the choices we present within each topic and which choice is best for the user. Instead of having the user read or watch a video and then quiz them, all their learning occurs within game activities.

Imagine a 5-minute game activity where you decide which of your debts to pay off first, using the Debt Snowball and Avalanche methods. Instead of some generic loan balances and interest rates, you get to practice using whatever information you choose to provide. All the math is done for you and the numbers rounded to make it easier to understand. At the end of the lesson, you won’t have to figure out how to apply a generic theory to your unique financial situation – you will already have done that.




Multiple Content Creators will be needed to develop lessons for the following user goals: Getting out of debt, Saving for Retirement, Saving/Paying for College, Buying a Home, Buying a Car, and Saving for Emergencies.

  • Create content for at least 3 lessons.
  • All text should be brief — from short phrases up to 1-3 sentences (users tend not to like to read much and there is limited space for text on a smartphone).
  • Lesson content includes Topic Intro, Topic Summary, Keyword Definitions, Activity Rounds.
    • Topic Intro: 1-4 short bullets describing what the user will learn.
    • Topic Summary: 2-8 short bullets summarizing the lesson concepts.
    • Keyword Definitions: Either rewording existing definitions or creating new ones (1-2 sentences) for terms used in the lesson.
    • Activity Rounds: 1 sentence scenarios, which describe a financial situation. A set of 2-3 choices plus feedback, consisting of 1-2 sentences explaining why a choice is better or worse.

(OPTIONAL): For those interested in ideating game activities, brainstorming ideas for turning a topic into a game. (e.g., Give users a set of expense items and drag them into the appropriate budget basket).

Some sample lesson topics:

  • What Is Home Equity?
  • Revolving vs. Installment Loans
  • Why Are Credit Scores Important?
  • Secured vs. Unsecured Loans
  • Types of Deposit Accounts
  • Stocks

Time Commitment/Availability

  • Online Training — (2) one-hour video calls to learn the process for creating content.
  • Creating content for an individual lesson can take 3-10 hours depending on the individual and complexity of the lesson activity.
  • Content Creators can begin working on a lesson at any time they choose, committing to complete it within a 3-week period. Lessons do not have to be worked on back-to-back and can be done from time-to-time.
  • Choice of available lessons will depend on interest, knowledge and timing.


Required Qualifications

Content Creators must have a desire to taking a different approach to adult financial education and have knowledge about any of the following:

  • Credit
  • Debt management
  • Insurance
  • Retirement planning
  • Investing
  • Budgeting and money management
  • Saving and paying for college
  • Taxes
  • Content Creators must also have:
  • Strong writing skills to make concepts easily understandable without long explanations.
  • Excellent attention to detail.


Preferred Qualifications

Strong preference is given to those with a passion for improving financial literacy in adults.

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