Stories have the power to connect, to inspire, to create impact, and to promote change. They take us beyond the numbers, bringing data and impact to life.

As an organization, our mission is to positively impact the financial well-being of all people by ensuring the highest standards of financial counseling, coaching, and education.

Raising awareness for the value of an AFC and for the importance of a strong, integrated personal finance community – one that provides equitable access and opportunity for all people – begins with story.

Your stories.

Let AFCPE capture your story. 

Our communications team created a story telling form to organize and amplify the stories of our community, and we’re waiting for yours!

Whether it’s sharing a personal or professional success story, telling us about a client win, sending a testimonial about an AFCPE course or program, keying us into a collaboration or project you are working on, or sharing a lesson learned or research developed, no story is too small to share.

Here are some of the ways we have shared your stories this year:

  • Friday Follows: We’ve gotten to know FINRA Foundation Fellows Gina DiNola and Kathy Hobbs.
  • Media: Ambus Hunter, AFC® shared his personal journey and the impact he’s now making in the lives of others through Gambling America Magazine.
  • Social Media: There’s a lot of bad financial advice on social media, but AFCs like Kate Mielitz and Markia Brown are meeting people where they are (in this case, on TikTok) and making it mainstream to talk about money.
  • Real Money, Real Experts Podcast: Every other week we bring the stories of our field to you through the voices of our professionals. I’m always amazed at the common threads that run through these stories and how they leave us feeling more connected and less alone. Preston Cherry touched on this topic in one of our most recent episodes.
  • Presentations: In August, I attended the Association for Military Banks of America (AMBA) Fall Workshop where I participated on a panel for the Veterans Benefits Banking Program (VBBP). I had the privilege to share both client and counselor testimonials – bringing the data and impact to life.

Join us as we share our Strategic Plan

Connection and Impact are two of the Core Focus areas in our 2024-2026 Strategic Plan, which we are sharing with AFCPE Members as part of our Annual Business meeting on Tuesday, November 14, at 1 PM ET. Traditionally, our annual business meeting has been held at Symposium, but this year we are hosting the event virtually to allow more members the opportunity to attend. Go here to register!

Gather with us: This November…

Whether you are joining us in New Orleans, November 29 – December 1, or attending the Symposium virtual experience, we hope to see you at the 2023 AFCPE Symposium. The expertise and passion of our community make it an event like no other.

Come to learn, connect, and grow. Leave with a renewed passion for the work, an expanded community, and lots of knowledge to share with others!

Not registered? There’s still time! Learn more at:

…or lean into learning and connection all year long.

If Symposium doesn’t work in your schedule, consider joining AFCPE Membership. Membership provides you access to free continuing education – so you can continue learning all year round, and there are so many ways to engage and expand your community of support.

Thanks for sharing your story, raising your voice, and for the critical role you play in helping us realize our mission and vision for the field.


Rachael DeLeon, Executive Director


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