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In this article, let’s shift our focus away from the past and dive headfirst into the exciting developments taking place at AFCPE.

The year has been brimming with positive changes, and it’s essential to encourage your participation in these exciting endeavors. AFCPE has embarked on a journey towards growth, implementing a new team structure and meticulously reviewing and updating various documents and processes. These efforts are laying the foundation for a brighter future, one that promises great rewards not only for our dedicated membership but also for AFCs, candidates, staff, partner organizations, and board members alike.

Our organization has welcomed numerous new team members over the past year, and the momentum continues to build. As I write this, we’re gearing up for interviews for yet another new position. The enthusiasm surrounding AFCPE as a sought-after place to work has attracted an impressive pool of exceptional candidates. Stay tuned, as more opportunities will arise in the coming years as we rework toward the goals developed as part of our strategic plan.

Embrace Change

Change is the heartbeat of progress, and while it can sometimes bring uncertainty, I want to reassure you that it’s a cause for celebration here at AFCPE. One notable change from the past year is our shift to rolling membership. I’ve had meaningful discussions with several individuals recently, and I’d like to share some key takeaways.

Rolling membership allows people to engage with AFCPE at any point throughout the year. From the moment someone finds AFCPE education content and community, they can join membership and get a full year of benefits.

With the new membership structure, the cost of Symposium registration no longer includes your AFCPE membership. This change allows people to voluntarily choose membership, ensuring that those who attended the Symposium but didn’t desire to be members won’t receive communications about or access to activities they weren’t interested in. On the flip side, for those who want to be members, this shift opens the door to actively contribute to our organization’s goals. As members, you’ll still have the opportunity to actively contribute to the organization’s goals, participate in coffee chats, join open office hours, attend member meet-ups, access presentations for continuing education, seek mentorship, become a mentor, engage with the membership portal, and more. And, if you are a member you still receive a deep discount for Symposium registration, which is close to the cost of membership, which helps defer the cost of annual membership.

Forge Connections

Symposiums have traditionally been a hub for forging connections, and now, our membership activities offer the perfect stage to nurture and expand those connections year-round. As a member, you can actively shape the direction of our organization, aligning it with your career aspirations. What an incredible way to ensure your voice is heard—by being an engaged and active member. Your participation not only benefits you but also strengthens our community and advances our collective mission. Join us in this exciting journey of growth and opportunity! Here is the link to learn more about the membership benefits. 

Expressing Gratitude and Encouragement

In early October, our valued members had the wonderful opportunity to cast their votes for the prospective new board members set to join the AFCPE Board of Directors in January 2024. It’s heartening to note that this year saw a remarkable influx of passionate applicants, and for that, we extend our heartfelt gratitude. To all those who applied and may not have been selected this time around, please know that your dedication is truly appreciated. Remember, I too applied twice before being elected, and I’m aware of others who followed a similar path. Timing is everything, and the right moment for your leadership might be just around the corner.

A special word of thanks goes out to our current board members who will be stepping down at the close of 2023. Your unwavering commitment and efforts have charted a course for our organization’s growth while faithfully serving our constituencies. Holly Zugay, Michael Thomas, and Michele Godfrey, your contributions deserve a resounding round of applause. If you happen to cross paths with them, whether virtually or in person, please take a moment to express your gratitude for their invaluable service to our community.

Let us also extend our appreciation to the entire AFCPE staff for their outstanding work. They have cultivated a work environment that beckons people to join, learn, and actively participate. Our Executive Director, Rachael DeLeon, has dedicated her first year to diligently preparing us for every challenge that lies ahead. I eagerly anticipate passing the torch of the presidency to Don Fulton, who is more than prepared to embrace new challenges and lead us in our ongoing journey to effect the changes our organization requires. Together, we will continue to build a vibrant and inclusive AFCPE community where every voice matters.

I look forward to seeing you at Symposium in November and in future years, as well as all the other member engagement opportunities!

Andi Wrenn President

2023 AFCPE Board of Directors


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