Upholding the highest standards. Thank you to everyone who completed the job analysis survey. Job analysis is a critical component of maintaining NCCA accreditation for the AFC® certification and a cornerstone of our certification program. The survey results inform the AFC exam, ensuring that the AFC core competencies remain relevant... Read More >

Andi Wrenn, AFCPE® Board President

There is a lot going on with AFCPE® as an organization. There are a few things I want to share with you this quarter. This spring there was an opportunity for all staff, board members, and AFCPE® members to share their input on where AFCPE® is and where we should... Read More >

Jennifer Witkowski

Quick Summary This data analysis looked at the ways families spent their tax returns and the effects it had on their spending habits. The majority of families receive a refund equivalent to six and a half weeks of pay. Spending habits for families who received a refund increase sharply, and... Read More >

Dr. Barbara O’Neill, CFP®, AFC®

Happy Money, Happy Life was written by a New Jersey financial education colleague, Jason Vitug, whom I have known for years. Full disclosure: I was one of dozens of people interviewed by Jason for insights and quotes. The book is tightly organized into three sections (called Books) and its main... Read More >

Andrea Lin

Student Money Management Centers in Postsecondary Education The University of Missouri is one of a small percentage of postsecondary institutions across the U.S. that has a Student Money Management Center.  Each semester, the Office for Financial Success facilitates monthly financial literacy workshops. We also serve as guest presenters to a... Read More >

Jacquie Carroll, Ed.D, AFC

Introduction April was Financial Literacy Month, and this year again the events over the last few years have generated not only a national discussion but also many community and generational discussions about the importance and impact of financial literacy, personal finance, and financial responsibility. For example, Millennials (ages 23-37) as... Read More >

Tiffany Grant, MBA, AFC®, SHRM-CP

As a financial counselor, I have seen firsthand the impact second-chance accounts can have on individuals who have been denied access to traditional banking products due to their poor credit history. Second-chance accounts allow those with financial hardships to build their credit, learn how to manage their money, and gain... Read More >

AFCPE® Career Task Force

AFCPE® Career Week 2023 took place May 1st through 4th, providing a series of virtual events aimed at jobseekers, AFC® Candidates, recent and upcoming graduates, students, career changers, and established professionals. The first three days helped build knowledge and skills to implement on the final day during the Career Fair.... Read More >

AFCPE Government Relations Task Force

As members of the AFCPE® community of professionals, we are in a unique position to observe first-hand the impact public policy has on our clients and the people we work with. I have had the opportunity on a few occasions to travel to our nation’s capital to participate in visits... Read More >

Nan Li from the Research to Practice Task Force

Student Debt and Financial Wellbeing How Can Financial Counselors Help To Better College Students’ Financial Well-being? Introduction Financial burdens are the second largest source of stress for college students, ranking just behind academic performance.  Many researchers find that student loans are positively related to ones’ financial stress and negatively affect... Read More >