Ryan Law, PhD, AFC®, CFP®

It has been an unprecedented time for our country and the world, and it certainly has been for AFCPE as well. I am grateful to be part of any organization that practices what it preaches. AFCPE is on solid economic ground and we will come out of this stronger than... Read More >

Rebecca Wiggins

The last several months have been unlike any we have ever experienced. Whether you are struggling with health or economic issues related to COVID-19, or the continual issues of racial injustice, this is an overwhelming and uncertain time in our country. All of these challenges have shed a light on... Read More >

Maria Sennett, Credit Builders Alliance

You may have heard the buzz. In January, Fair Isaac Corporation, better known as FICO, announced the release of FICO® Scores 10 and 10T, the newest versions of its scoring model. Expected to be released this summer, FICO® Scores 10 and 10T will take months, and more likely years, before... Read More >

Schane D. Coker, AFC®, FFC®

What does Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion have to do with Financial Literacy and Education? Why does AFCPE need a Taskforce dedicated to this topic? How does Diversity, Equity, or Inclusion affect my life or the work I do with clients? These are some questions that I pose to myself when... Read More >

Jarod Taylor, AFC®

Before joining AFCPE, I worked as a financial counselor and educator in the non-profit sector for nearly 10 years. Like many in this field, I fell into it by accident but quickly fell in love. Even though I had a lot of passion, things were a little rough in the... Read More >

Axton Betz-Hamilton, PhD, AFC®

Aspiring book authors have multiple paths to getting their book published—traditional, self, and hybrid publishing.  Often, the question is “Which path do I choose?”  This article will discuss traditional, self, and hybrid publishing.  Positives and pitfalls of each are provided. Traditional Publishing If you want to publish with a traditional... Read More >

Sarah Li Cain

As someone who has been in the personal finance field for five years, I knew I still had a lot to learn. While I’ve been able to learn a lot from writing about topics ranging from paying off debt to buying a house, I felt like pursuing the AFC® (Accredited... Read More >

Lisa Whitley

The idea for this article was conceived in late 2019, well before the COVID-19 crisis. And yet that crisis made apparent to all the vulnerabilities inherent in our economy that, as AFC professionals, we see each day. As we go to the polls in November (or, as the case may... Read More >

Stephen Newland, AFC®

About a year and a half ago, I was tasked with increasing fundraising at a non-profit that I hold near and dear to me. About halfway through the process, I was struggling with chasing the next great idea that popped in my head. Along with that, I was just using... Read More >

Stephanie Yates, PhD, AFC®, CFP®

With record unemployment, many consumers turn to debt in order to survive. Further, as consumers dip into savings to meet every day needs, debt is a necessity for more and more college students. As of the first quarter of 2020, the Federal Reserve reports that student debt nationwide has reached... Read More >