The last several months have been unlike any we have ever experienced. Whether you are struggling with health or economic issues related to COVID-19, or the continual issues of racial injustice, this is an overwhelming and uncertain time in our country.

All of these challenges have shed a light on the fragility of our systems and structures and emphasize the need for our work and this field. More specifically, it has made clear that the unique combination of your expertise and empathy are more important than ever before.

Our Commitment to You

Principles of equity, justice, and inclusion are foundational to AFCPE’s mission and vision. We believe that all people, regardless of income and background deserve the opportunity to achieve lasting financial well-being. One way we advocate for these rights is by continuing to uphold the highest standards of financial counseling, coaching, and education. We do this by:

Delivering certification and professional development programs that help you better understand how diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences impact your clients’ money.

  • Certifying and training professionals to combine expertise and empathy, because with both, you are better equipped to meet people where they are and help them access resources, overcome challenges, and uncover opportunity. behaviors.
  • Offering tools, resources, and opportunities that support both you and your clients, and do so through a lens of inclusion.

“Diversity, equity, and inclusion ensure a safe, positive, nurturing, and tolerant environment with mutual respect, free of prejudice. They celebrate differences, including those visible and invisible, in addition to thoughts and opinions that are essential for the involvement and empowerment of our society.”

  • AFCPE Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Task Force

We are excited to share some of the initiatives and newness from this past quarter and give you a look ahead at what’s to come:

What’s New!

  • AFCPE Connected Community: The new online forum launched this Spring! This platform offers AFCPE Members an interactive space to share ideas, resources, and engage with other professionals in the community.  If you haven’t already, be sure to give it a try at:
  • Real Money, Real Experts Podcast: Covering real stories about how professionals like you are impacting their clients, and offering tips from real experts on how to improve client interactions and grow your business. New episodes available every other week and are available for download anywhere you listen to podcasts!
  • AFCPE’s COVID-19 Response. More than 500 AFCPE certified professionals have volunteered to support this ongoing initiative! Please use these resources and help us spread the word to a local nonprofit organization, places of worship, friends and family member, or your social networks.
  • Two New Essentials Courses Launched and another coming this Fall!
    • Financial Inclusion Essentials: Developed in partnership with the National Disability Institute (NDI), this course for financial counselors, financial coaches, disability service providers, and others who want to learn more about building the financial well-being of people with disabilities.
    • College Finance Essentials: Now available! A new professional development course that covers all aspects of college finance, including choosing the right school, the tax benefits of higher education, applying for and paying back student loans, and preparing for a career. It also includes a free 1-year license to Edmit Plus.
    • Military Essentials, created in partnership with FINRA Foundation, is coming this Fall!

What’s Coming!

  • #Experience AFCPE The 2020 AFCPE Symposium is going virtual! Registration will open late summer! In the meantime, save these dates – November 16 – 20, 2020.
    • Sponsor or Exhibit: Share your tools and resources with professionals from across financial education, research, and practice, while helping to advance the mission and vision of AFCPE. Email for more information.
  • Certification Scholarships – Hundreds of certification scholarship opportunities are coming this September! This year we’ll have both individual and group scholarships available.
    • Funded by the AFCPE Strategic Impact Fund:
      • AFC certification scholarships for personal finance influencer
      • $100K in group scholarships to support capacity building for community-based nonprofit organization
    • Funded by the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE)
      • 100 AFC certification scholarships for people of color
    • Interested?  Join the Interest List.

We want to hear from you! 

Engage with the AFCPE Membership community. Get AFC certified. Take an Essentials Training. No matter where you start, AFCPE is the place to find your people. Help us spread the value of AFCPE Membership, Certification, and Training to your colleagues.

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