Ruth H. Lytton, E. Thomas Garman and Nancy M. Porter

Use of financial ratios as a diagnostic and informational tool has become increaslingly popular in financial counseling and planning situations. Results of ratio analysis suggest insights not readily apparent from merely studying a balance sheet and an income and expense statement. Nine financial ratios are presented, defined, calculated, and interpreted... Read More >

Robert O. Weagley and Colleen F. Gannon

Wealth and stage in the life cycle affect investors' willingness to assume investment risk. This proposition was tested in an examination of investor asset allocations among the asset categories of savings, housing, financial securities, and retirement investments. It was found that, on average, the diversification of household asset portfolios toward... Read More >

Craig L. Israelsen and Ivan F. Beutler

An estimate of the potential value of using past performance data in the selection of mutual funds is presented. Empirical results are based on historical returns and information that is readily available in popular press sources. The payoff from obtaining and evaluating past performance data prior to selecting and investing... Read More >

Jeanne M. Hogarth

Using Social Security Administration's Retirement History Survey data, this paper explores patterns of saving and dissaving among retirement aged households. Five patterns are identified and the characteristics of households with each of these patterns are explored. Determinants of the saving/dissaving pattern are estimated. Implications for public policy and educational programs... Read More >

Ralph A. Pope and Thomas S. Howe

This study attempts to develop a profile of college students who are most interested in financial planning and would, therefore, be prime candidates for enrolling in a basic financial planning course. It was found that a student's educational and career aspirations both appear to be contributing factors in an individual's... Read More >

Kay P. Edwards

Estate planning is an important aspect of individual and family financial management and of comprehensive financial planning. However, systematic investigation of consumer involvement with and knowledge about estate planning has been limited. This paper reports the results of research about asset transfer planning among a group of Utah men and... Read More >

Kathryn D. Rettig and Catherine L. Schulz

The purposes of this paper were to describe the development of a scale which measures preferred financial decision making styles of individuals (FDMDS1), report results of an exploratory study which examined the relationships among the cognitive style preferences of 80 adults and their financial decision styles, recommend modifications in the... Read More >

Fred Waddell

Authors: Teresa A. Sullivan, Elizabeth Warren, Read More >

Virginia B. Langrehr

This paper reviews the differences between financial counseling and financial planning. A model is proposed for determining the client markets for financial counseling and planning. Distinctions in professional services provided and knowledge needed are discussed. The paper concludes that some similarity exists between financial counseling and planning and recommends that... Read More >