A Symposium Sponsored by the National Endowment for Financial Education

In August 2005, the National Endowment for Financial Educationý (NEFEý) hosted a groundbreaking event, bringing educators from a variety of disciplines together to explore how to make financial literacy programs more effective. This was the first symposium ever to combine financial educators with leaders from other fieldsýneuroscience, change theory, behavioral... Read More >

John E. Grable and Joyce Cantrell

Does the world really need another personal finance text book? In the case of Vickie Bajtelsmitýs book, the answer is a resounding ýyes.ý The majority of basic personal finance textbooks in the marketplace today tend to be cookie cutter copies of one publisherýs or anotherýs top selling book. This is... Read More >

Jinhee Kim, Jasook Kwon and Elaine A. Anderson

The purpose of this study is to examine factors contributing to individualýs retirement confidence using the 2004 Retirement Confidence Survey. Retirement confidence includes the views and attitudes of Americans regarding retirement, their preparations for retirement, their confidence with regard to various aspects of retirement, and related issues. The results suggest... Read More >

Susan E. Taylor

If you are considering a housing option like renting, purchasing, or selling, you will find 10 Secrets to Successful Home Buying and Selling a valuable resource. This housing book takes a unique approach by exploring the influences that underlie housing decisions. It focuses on the ýwhyý rather than the ýhow... Read More >

Corinne Baron-Donovan, Richard L. Wiener, Karen Gross and Susan Block-Lieb

This study evaluates a two-day train the trainer program designed to provide instructors from diverse backgrounds with the tools needed to teach financial literacy to individual debtors. Trained teachers reported satisfaction with their training and felt prepared to teach; they also provided constructive feedback. Pre- and posttest questionnaires reveal a... Read More >

Yoon G. Lee

Using data from the 2001 American Housing Survey, this study examines how Baby Boomers utilize home equity loans and identifies the correlates of home equity usage among Baby Boomer homeowners. This study found that higher incomes, investment incomes, greater numbers of mortgages, higher amount of mortgages borrowed, more expensive homes,... Read More >

Michael J. Roszkowski and John Grable

Using a sample of 386 financial advisors and 458 of their clients, the study sought to determine how effective financial advisors and clients are at estimating risk-tolerance, and to test how well items from a risk tolerance test and demographic information can represent the judgmental process used to formulate these... Read More >

Michael Finke, Sandra Huston, Emilian Siman, and Mel Corlija

Abstract: The demographic characteristics of recent adjustable and fixed-rate mortgage borrowers are compared among nationally representative survey cross-sectional data at three-year intervals from 1989 through 2001. While the overall proportion of ARMs in relation to FRMs has decreased, a trend toward increased use of adjustable-rate mortgages among lower income, less... Read More >

Joyce E. Jones

Results from this exploratory study of incoming college freshmen indicated many students already had access to credit or had acquired debt. Sixty-two percent had access to a credit/charge card and just over half (50.9%) had some type of debt. Older students had significantly more credit/charge cards, as well as higher... Read More >

O'Neill, Barbara

Author: Eric G. Matlin Publisher: New American Library (2004) ISBN#: 0-451-21059-X Read More >

Samuel Kyle Jones and J. Bert Stine

Merton (1969) established the conditions under which a constant mix portfolio strategy is optimal across a multi-period investment horizon. A central tenant of Merton?s paper is that the investor?s portfolio must be rebalanced continuously. In practice, portfolios are not rebalanced continuously, especially by individual investors. As portfolios are rebalanced less... Read More >

Craig L. Israelsen and Shannon Hutch

This 25-year review of published research in Family Relations and Journal of Marriage and the Family found 91 articles that were generally related to family financial topics. Of that total, only three articles dealt specifically with family financial management. We offer several suggestions for areas of research that address the... Read More >