Bradley T. Ewing

Authors: Houston H. Stokes and Hugh M. Neuburger Texas Tech University Publisher: Quorum Books Read More >

Jing J. Xiao

Authors: Hugh Schwartz Publisher: Praeger1 Read More >

Peng Chen

Author: Joseph F. Hurley, CPA Publisher: Bonacom Publications Read More >

M.J. Alhabeeb

Authors: Rose M. Rubin and Michael L. Nieswiadomy Department of Consumer Studies Publisher: Praeger Publishers Read More >

Jean M. Lown

Author: Karl-Erik Warneryd Publisher: Edward ElgarHuman Environments Department Northampton, MA Read More >

Deanna L. Sharpe

Author: Richard Publisher: Praeger Read More >

Barbara O'Neill

Author: William Sterling and Stephen Waite Publisher: The Ballantine Publishing Group1 Read More >

John J. Spitzer and Sandeep Singh

The Rule of 72, a staple in financial circles for estimating the amount of time required for an investment to double in value, is shown to be quite inaccurate at today's high rates of return. The derivation of the Rule of 72 provides insight into how the rule can be... Read More >

E. Thomas Garman, Jinhee Kim, Constance Y. Kratzer, Bruce H. Brunson and So-hyun Joo

One of the growing areas in employee benefits is workplace financial education. This study was conducted at one of several plants owned by a Southeastern chemical production company to investigate the effectiveness of workplace financial education. The EDSA Group offered the education. Differences and similarities between participants and nonparticipants in... Read More >

Deborah D. Godwin

Households' probability of experiencing debt repayment difficulty in 1989 was examined using the 1,479 households in the 1983 1989 panel data of the Survey of Consumer Finances. The effects of 1983 household characteristics, attitudes and behavior regarding debt, debt portfolios, and intervening events were examined. Households were more likely to... Read More >

Jinkook Lee and Jeanne M. Hogarth

The Truth in Lending Act (TILA) and the Real Estate Procedures Act (RESPA) promote informed consumer decision making in mortgage markets, primarily through disclosure of information. The effectiveness of currently provided information under TILA and RESPA was examined using the 1995 Federal Reserve's Survey of Consumer Finances. Specifically, we investigated... Read More >

Philip L. Cooley, Carl M. Hubbard and Daniel T. Walz

This study reports the effects of a range of nominal and inflation-adjusted withdrawal rates applied monthly on the success rates of retirement portfolios of large-cap stocks and corporate bonds for payout periods of 15, 20, 25, and 30 years. A portfolio is deemed a success if it completes the payout... Read More >