Sharon M. Danes, Catherine Huddleston-Casas, and Laurie Boyce

The purpose of the study is to assess the impact of a high school financial planning curriculum on the financial knowledge, behavior, and self-efficacy of 4,107 teens nationally. Statistically significant changes were found in financial knowledge, behavior, and self-efficacy both immediately after studying the curriculum and three months after completing... Read More >

John E. Grable and So-hyun Joo

This paper presents a framework for explaining personal finance help-seeking behavior. The decision to seek help was tested using a randomly selected sample of clerical workers. Results from a discriminant analysis confirmed that the framework offers a practical insight into personal finance help-seeking behavior. Younger persons who did not own... Read More >

Glenn Muske and Mary Winter

The purpose of this paper is to develop a framework to explain and describe the daily cash flow management processes of families. From data gathered through semi-structured interviews, themes are developed and linked into a daily cash flow management framework. The proposed model suggests that families have a process for... Read More >