About Us

Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education (AFCPE) is a non-profit, international, professional membership organization dedicated to improving personal financial management education, training, and certification of financial counselors, educators, and other related practitioners.

To be internationally recognized as the leading provider of professional development opportunities for financial educators, practitioners and researchers.

AFCPE provides professional development experiences for financial educators, practitioners and researchers to improve the economic wellbeing of individuals and families worldwide.


  • Develop the profession of personal finance by promoting linkages among financial educators, practitioners, researchers, and other relevant groups.
  • Enhance the profession of personal finance by providing professional development that provides opportunities for

educators: to promote best practices, innovative approaches, and effective delivery to students, individuals and families,

practitioners (counselors and advisors): to promote best practices, innovative approaches, and effective intervention and prevention for individuals seeking assistance or advice, and

researchers: to design, conduct, and disseminate research that identifies effective intervention strategies, addresses critical issues, and expands the knowledge base upon which the profession is built.

  • Inform consumers, professionals and policymakers about personal finance issues.
  • Develop leaders in the profession of financial counseling and planning education.

Financial counseling and planning education is the integrative, multidisciplinary field of social science that studies personal finance and helps families from all walks of life make effective financial decisions and improve financial capability. AFCPE supports researchers, educators and counselors with the goal of building, advancing, and ensuring the integrity of the Personal Finance profession.