Katie Leiva, Linda Thede, Tiffany Hays, Mel Stephens, Andi Wrenn

The 2014 AFCPE Research and Training Symposium provided informative sessions on the art and science of financial counseling. If you weren’t able to attend, or you want a refresher, here attendees provide a synopsis of their favorite sessions: Advancing Financial Counseling as a Profession—General Session Reviewed by Michelle Pimentel -... Read More >

Linda Hackleman

An increasing number of baby boomers are already eligible to retire. Many are readily embracing the new opportunities retirement can offer, and others continue working either in full time or part time positions. While there is significant information on the importance of financial planning for retirement, this article focuses on... Read More >

Michael Gutter, Ph.D.

Happy New Year! t was great seeing many of you at the 2014 Annual Research and Training Symposium in beautiful Bellevue, Washington. The week was inspiring with lots of innovative programs and research shared. Most importantly it was a chance to connect with other professionals in various spheres from research,... Read More >

Jennifer K. Rea, M.S., and Virginia Solis Zuiker, Ph.D.

Poverty has been examined through many lenses and has been described as being multidimensional and subjective, in that it encompasses all human essentials for living (Haveman, 2009). A universal goal for many policymakers is to improve the well-being of individuals and families who are in poverty, however identifying and measuring... Read More >