So here we are again! Spring has arrived and with it the promised return of warmer weather, greenery, birdsong, and, of course, the eagerly awaited annual call for Symposium presenters!

Every year we invite our research colleagues, student researchers, educators, counselors, and coaches from across AFCPE to put forward the best of what they have to share in scientific research, education, and practitioner insights in household, consumer, personal, and behavioral finance.

This year’s theme for the Symposium is “Engaging an Integrated and Inclusive Community of Personal Finance Professionals.” This focus continues to build upon the enduring foundation of AFCPE, which is our diverse, growing community of personal finance and allied professionals working together to expand the boundaries of our knowledge and to evolve our understanding of our field. These both inform our individual and collective ability to make a positive and lasting difference in the financial health and well-being of those we serve.

In addition to the Annual Symposium, we continue to explore and offer opportunities to meet and connect with one another as a professional community throughout the year. Our current activities include our monthly Virtual Member Meet Ups, FPA Connect Webinars, and across social media, our spaces in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram.

Our various association task forces are also a great way to become involved in AFCPE and to get to know more of your colleagues from across the organization. You can also make yourself more present and connect with others in the association who share your interests by contributing to our Blog, our professional newsletter, The Standard, as well as our research journal, The Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning.

As always, we invite you to lend your perspective, your voice, and your efforts as an AFCPE colleague to our work together. If you have ideas about how we might continue to expand our opportunities to connect, learn, collaborate, and grow together as professional colleagues and as a field, please feel free to contact me, your other Board representatives, or our Executive Director, Rebecca Wiggins.

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