I feel like I just finished writing one these for the Spring issue! Now I look up and it’s already time for the Summer letter. Where does the time go?!

Speaking of time, AFCPE is celebrating the 25thanniversaryof the AFC©mark at the Symposium this year! A quarter century of growth and evolution for our association and with it the growth and evolution of our contributions to our field and to our society.

Taking a step back to consider our collective place in history, as AFCs we’ve had the distinction to serve through three economic recessions, the early 1990s and early 2000s recessions, both which were relatively brief compared to this most recent Great Recession.

Throughout this era, we have been committed to our work. Through good times and especially through the bad, we do our part to contribute to the positive well-being of the people and communities we serve, and ultimately of this society we all share. As we have grown in the depth and scope of our experience in counseling and education and in our scientific knowledge within our field, we also have grown in the depth and scope of our understanding of the personal, collective, and systemic environmental factors that exist. We contribute in meaningful ways to our personal and collective financial well-being—or its lack.

There have been and continue to be no shortage of meaningful challenges out there and I feel both fortunate and proud to be one of so many in our professional community who are prepared and able to meet them.

It is with this respect for our history and the important work we continue to pursue that I express my thanks and gratitude to each of you who are committed to our work together and offered your insights through our Strategic Planning Survey. The perspectives and recommendations you shared are fundamental to guiding our efforts as your Board of Directors, and as we evolve and grow our collective capacity as a professional association to enable meaningful, positive change in the years ahead. Thank you for all that you do.

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