Rachael DeLeon, Executive Director

It’s Symposium season! I love fall in the Midwest – the vibrant colors of the leaves, the sounds of Friday night football games, and the frosty morning walks with my kids on our way to work and school. Autumn brings with it a feeling of nostalgia and eager anticipation. And... Read More >

Michele Godfrey

Greetings, AFCPE Members and Friends, In less than one month, we will host our 2022 AFCPE Symposium.  I am excited to travel to Orlando, Florida - Florida, my home state, and Orlando, home of my Alma Mater, the University of Central Florida.  I am most grateful for the opportunity to... Read More >

Mark Zeigler

This past summer I decided to take a chance to meet some other AFCs and candidates and read a highly-rated book at the same time by participating in the Nudge book study by Andi Wrenn.  Having completed the book study, I want to highly recommend these book studies to all... Read More >

Elizabeth Wolleben Yoder, CFP®

A note on language: Some people are advocates for person-first language, for example stating that they have Autism. Others are strong advocates in the opposite direction, using identity language, stating that they are Autistic. Many others don’t care and like to order language for ease of use and flow of... Read More >

Glen R. Cone

Most of the time people contact an advisor only when they feel they need to, and certain milestone events trigger that need, it is as simple as that. Some events we universally all will experience, and the significance they can have, often ripples across two or more generations. Late-in-life planning... Read More >

Schane D. Coker, AFC, FFC, Doctoral Student at Florida International University

Introduction Economic inequality disproportionately impacts U.S. racial and ethnic minorities. This disproportionate inequality has shaped how they view their current financial situations as well as how they set their household financial goals. Native Americans have historically been hindered from achieving economic well-being due to U.S. governmental policies on native lands.... Read More >