Lori Mann

In financial coaching sessions, clients often confront and focus on on issues of income, debt, and barriers for savings. Savings for low, medium, high, debt-ridden, and debt-free clients is is one of the most frequent problems seen by financial professionals and the focus of this article. In financial coaching, through... Read More >

Margaret S. Sherraden

Millions of U.S. families find themselves in precarious financial circumstances, living on the wrong side of a growing income and wealth divide. Their jobs do not pay enough to support their families. Safety net programs have been diminished and at the same time, financial products and services are complex and... Read More >

Brent Neiser

There is a weight problem in America—no, not that weight problem, it is a growing stack of unaddressed financial "to-dos" cluttering the minds, emotions, attention spans and well-being of many Americans. From spending and debt to savings and retirement, housing and health care to college and credit, there are myriad financial... Read More >

Michael G. Thomas Jr.

Financial empathy matters because it creates a safe space where people can express their financial vulnerabilities without the fear of shame. Empathy, as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is "the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experiences of another of... Read More >

Andre Milteer

Anthony ('Tony') Robbins is best known as a motivational and seminar speaker, personal counselor to celebrities, and a late-night television infomercial regular. Writing and promoting a number of best-selling books and programs, leading with "Unleash the Power Within," Robbins has expanded his footprint into the personal financial education publication genre.... Read More >

David Allen Ammerman

Over the past few years, Research Briefs have been published in The Standard with an intent to help practitioners become better consumers of research (O’Neill, 2016). The approach followed by most authors of Research Briefs has been to summarize a few research papers on a given topic, drawing out the... Read More >

Jerry Buchko

So here we are, my final President's letter of 2018 for The Standard. In hindsight, this year of service has gone by so much faster than I could have imagined. It really feels like only yesterday that I woke up and looked at the calendar, feeling both a bit nervous... Read More >

Rebecca Wiggins

If you are like me, you blinked, and summer was over! We are in full symposium planning mode and hope to see you in Norfolk, Virginia this year for another week of cutting-edge field research, exceptional training, and tools you can use in your everyday practice. Our program theme is... Read More >