If you are like me, you blinked, and summer was over! We are in full symposium planning mode and hope to see you in Norfolk, Virginia this year for another week of cutting-edge field research, exceptional training, and tools you can use in your everyday practice.

Our program theme is “Engaging an Integrated and Inclusive Community of Personal Finance Professionals,” to build off the momentum of the past few years. As the organization grows and the profession advances, we are also uniquely positioned to address more significant issues in our society and create a positive impact on long-term behavior and social change for economic security.

The symposium focuses on the role of our profession in addressing issues of systemic inequality and building a more integrated field to help clients achieve financial security. General session speakers include:

  • Brent Neiser: Financial Stacking: Easing the Financial Weight of Your World… While Paving a Path Toward Prosperity

  • Yoram Bauman: What’s Funny about Finance?

  • Jorge Cham: Communicating Complex Topics in Accessible Ways

  • Margaret Sherraden: Financial Capability and Asset Building in Vulnerable Households

  • Michael Thomas: Why Financial Empathy Matters


AFC® Job Analysis: Thank you to everyone who completed this year’s Job Analysis survey. This process is a critical component to our NCCA Accreditation to maintain the rigor and validity of the AFC exam. AFCPE professionals from across various sectors in the field served on this committee, and 531 total surveys were submitted. Results were reviewed by our psychometrician and the Job Analysis Committee in September, and recommendations will be made for any adjustments to the core competencies.The AFC exam form will be adjusted accordingly.

New AFC® Self Study: In 2019, the AFC self-study program guide will be available through a Learning Management System for all program enrollees! This year, a team of experts have been updating the content to increase cultural competency and include more practical counseling application exercises.

Strategic Impact Fund: During our June Board meeting, the Board of Directors voted to start a Strategic Impact Fund. Similar to a quasi-endowment fund, this Strategic Impact Fund will complement our reserve fund, investments, and annual budget to ensure long-term sustainability and impact in our field. The Fund will allow the organization to fund more research, provide scholarships for professionals, and create grant projects for community impact. AFCPE will use overage investment funds to start the account and will seek additional donations to help grow the fund. If you are interested in learning more about charitable giving to this fund, please let us know.

“The Whole Is Greater than the Sum of Its Parts” —Aristotle

Engaging an Integrated and Inclusive Community of Personal Finance Professionals: At the Symposium and Beyond

AFCPE uniquely brings together professionals across all areas of the personal finance field, from research to practice. This connected, dynamic network is a hallmark of AFCPE. This comprehensive continuum of care across different specialties is essential to achieve our mission and vision for the field.

This same focus on integration and inclusion must also spread to the financial services field at large. We must continue to advocate for the highest standards of professionalism across the field, build referral networks to better support our clients, and invite other professionals to join the AFCPE network. To paraphrase Aristotle, it is truly the sum of our parts that sets us apart and enhances the impact we can make on improving financial capability in this country.

Progress starts with each and every one of us. Invite others to join AFCPE and share the value of your certification. Together we can continue to raise the standard of professional financial care that is provided in our field.

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