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I’ve Been Sued by a Debt Collector! Now What?


June 11, 2015

Part 3: MONEY, DEBT, AND THE LAW 101 Read Part 1: A Snapshot View of Consumer Debt Read Part 2: Can They Take My Money? Anyone can be sued by a debt collector. Debt collectors don’t only sue...

Can They Take My Money?

General, Financial Education

June 04, 2015

Part 2: MONEY, DEBT, AND THE LAW 101 Read Part 1: A Snapshot View of Consumer Debt Last week we looked at some of the factors that are driving the growth in the debt collection industry and the...

Announcing MobileMi$$ion: An Exciting New App for Veterans


June 03, 2015

AFCPE® is proud to partner with the Better Business’ Bureau Institute, Moneythink, and CauseLabs to launch a financial capability tool designed specifically for transitioning...

VA Home Loans: Removing the Stigma

Military, Financial Education

June 02, 2015

Let’s talk about a guy named Lawrence. Lawrence served our country in the military. Lawrence is guaranteed a home loan through the VA as a benefit for his service, after he, of course, meets...

A Snapshot View of Consumer Debt

General, Financial Education

May 28, 2015

Part 1: MONEY, DEBT, AND THE LAW 101 According to the Federal Reserve, credit card debt reached $884.8 billion this month, and student loan debt topped out at $1.8 trillion. The average household...

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