If your students are passionate about helping people with their money to improve their lives, then you’re in the right place.

AFCPE Student Membership

AFCPE Membership is more than a networking opportunity, it’s the place to find your people!

As AFCPE Student Members, your students will:
  • Save money on AFC Certification and other training programs
  • Gain support as they transition to full-time employment
  • Get connected through mentorship and support
  • Keep learning through free, monthly professional development
Five black college students smiling in front of a campus building

Want to see what other schools are doing?

Join top personal finance programs across the country by becoming an AFCPE® Registered Education Program.

These programs offer students and/or professionals the opportunity to earn a certification that enhances their degree and marks the highest standard of excellence in the field of financial counseling and education.


  • Added value and increased recognition of your excellent programs.
  • Offers a streamlined way for your students to earn their AFC® certification. Students meet the AFC educational requirements for certification through coursework that has been aligned with the AFC Core Competencies.
  • Students studying full-time at the undergraduate (at least 12 credits), graduate (at least 9 credits), or PhD (at least 3 credits) level, are eligible to receive 50% off the AFC® exam.
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Info Session Interest List

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