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Congratulations to winners of the Outstanding Symposium Student Paper Award!

2017: Irene McIvor Mason

Irene McIvor Mason is developmental science graduate student and part time human development and family studies faculty member at the University of Rhode Island. Her research papers was selected as the 2017 AFCPE Outstanding Symposium Student Paper Award Winner! 

 2016: Judith Aboagye

Judith Aboagye is a graduate research assistant currently enrolled in the Financial Planning, Housing, and Consumer Economics doctoral program at the University of Georgia. Her study titled “An analysis of the indicators of financial satisfaction: Does behavioral and debt factors matter?” examines the indicators of financial satisfaction and shows that behavioral factors offer the strongest explanation of the total variance in financial satisfaction level. Apart from overspending which had a strong negative association with financial satisfaction, having a higher risk tolerance, no difficulty with monthly bill payments, and savings in an emergency fund and retirement plan were all positively associated with financial satisfaction. Mortgage debt was the only debt factor shown to have a significant association with financial satisfaction and the positive association is an important indication of the value and overall satisfaction attached to home-ownership

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