As we settle into 2021, we find ourselves in a time filled with flickers of hope and moments of frustration. We realize that perhaps change isn’t coming as quickly as we thought. However, settling into the new year also gives us an opportunity to look back at how far we’ve come. 

Last year we faced the upheaval of our nation and the way we do business: the way we serve our clients, teach our students, support the financial foundations of families, and bring new financial trends to those we serve each and every day. As we take that look back we find innovation, creativity, ingenuity, and growth, all of which helped us usher in the future of financial counseling. It may be a long time before we sit in tiny offices with clients and students, and we may very well decide that because of the paths we forged in 2020, we are perfectly fine with that, because what we now know is that as Accredited Financial Counselors, we have the ability and the desire to create new ways to connect with our clients and to ensure that no matter the delivery platform, we will continue to bring best-in-class services and programs. 

How will you use the new methods you developed to make a difference in the months that lie ahead? Do you plan to continue using telephonic or video counseling platforms as an integral part of your service delivery? Will you take what you’ve learned about leading remote teams and programs and use that information to bring portability to staff members and clients alike? 

Whatever your goals are, and no matter your progress in reaching them, take some of the ingenuity of 2020 with you-you won’t be sorry you did, and your clients will thank you for years to come. 

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