The AFCPE® Government Relations Task Force seeks to be a resource for today’s policymakers and legislators, where they can hear the thoughts of the everyday Americans in one, strong, knowledgeable and non-partisan voice. This year at the AFCPE Annual Research and Training Symposium, we held a breakout session to discuss the important role of the Task Force, our objectives for 2019 and beyond, and to be an organization that truly advocates for the people as opposed to lobbying for the good of the bottom line.

If you’d like to support the Task Force despite what may be a very busy schedule, we’d love to have your help. We’ve designed a system to allow you to serve on the task force with minimal time commitments. This includes receiving a monthly email with the latest legislative news and other pertinent information, along with a link to a short online feedback form for AFCPE Government Task Force members to provide feedback on the issues.  We then have a quarterly conference call with AFCPE’s Consultants; Dan Barry and Kathy Hamor which provides an opportunity to discuss the monthly feedback and to ask questions live. Being a Task Force member is as easy as those few items and the benefits to AFCPE are great!

For those who don’t have interest in participating directly in the task force, we still need your voice! As AFC® Thomas Duffany said, “I have no passion for serving on the task force, but I love that this task force provides a way for my clients stories to be heard.” During our meetings with legislators and policymakers, we need to share data and real client stories. Please send stories and testimonials by using the link below:

As a member of the task force you can be a part of raising awareness for our profession and organization, and helping to shape legislation to reflect the needs of the people we serve. This is another way AFCPE is professionalizing the field of financial counseling and education and ultimately making our name and accreditation known.

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