Jerry Buchko

I hope the year is off to a good start for each of you. It was a pleasure meeting so many of you at the Annual Symposium in San Diego. Some of us had the opportunity to become introduced and acquainted with one another for the first time, while for... Read More >

Jerry Ziegler

I see them hesitantly approach me at the end of a presentation. I can feel the pause before they say it in my office. Often they seem a little embarrassed to bring up the subject. Perhaps that is because so many people have a financial advisor who is a friend... Read More >

Dennis Gravitt

Previously unknown to most of the investing public, the term fiduciary has become increasingly popular since the Department of Labor (DOL) announced its intentions to tighten the standards by which financial companies are required to adhere in order to conduct business. Yet, even while consumers are growing ever more aware... Read More >

Rachael DeLeon

AFCPE annually recognizes innovation, work, and leadership of its diverse community of members, among  financial professionals working across all areas of financial education, research and practice. “This year’s award winners are truly setting the highest standard. They are motivating change, bridging gaps and creating incredible impact in the lives of... Read More >

Carrie L. Johnson

This year the Cooperative Extension Service Pre-Symposium focused on how Extension is making a difference and the importance of conveying that message. Perspectives were given from a national level by Toija Riggins, Ph.D., USDA NIFA Program Leader and also from a state administrator’s level given by Michael Gutter, Ph.D. from... Read More >

Rebecca Wiggins

Happy 2018 from the AFCPE National Office! We have carried the momentum and excitement from 2017 into the New Year and have already hit the ground running. Last year’s Annual Research and Training Symposium was nothing short of powerful. Sessions focused on diversity, inclusion, and wide ranging issues affecting our... Read More >