#IamAFCPE, a campaign that began in the fall of 2016, allowed AFCPE® members and certified professionals the opportunity to showcase, through a one-minute video, the diverse impact that we are making in the lives of clients and students. I encourage you to view these videos on our YouTube channel and to continue sharing the impact you are making by using the hashtag #IamAFCPE on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

As President, the #IamAFCPE has new meaning for me. One of my first tasks as incoming Board President was to submit my signature. It will be placed on every certificate of accreditation earned in 2017. I realized that I, as a member of AFCPE, stand proudly behind each AFCPE certified individual to support their important work in financial education, research or practice. Most importantly, we as AFCPE members, stand behind their knowledge, professionalism, and ethics. Every one of us, those who hold an AFCPE certification and/or are an AFCPE member, assists the organization in setting the highest standard of professionalism and ethics, which keeps AFCPE setting the standard and enhances the credibility and value of the AFC® certification. That is a responsibility I don’t hold lightly, and I intend to be diligent in my work to uphold the reputation of the organization.

In June, a group of AFCPE members, the Board, and the staff met to discuss the future initiatives of the organization. From this meeting, a strategic plan was developed. This plan was presented to the membership during the Business meeting at the 2016 Symposium and is outlined in the Executive Director Message in this newsletter. The Board’s focus will be centered on these strategic goals. Many of the goals will take more than a year to accomplish.However, during this year, important steps will be taken to move us forward. To be successful, we need your support. Help us strengthen this important professional community, committed to setting the standard in professional accreditation and in convening leaders across all areas of the field to ensure financial wellbeing for all. Thank you to all who participated in developing the plan. We are excited about our focus for the coming years.

The future is bright for our organization – thanks to the work of our Board, our membership Task Forces, our member volunteers but, most of all, thanks to our staff. Each staff member contributes an amazing amount of work day in and day out. You probably don’t even realize their impact because they are so good at what they do and everything runs smoothly. To find such a diverse group of individuals with extraordinary skills, knowledge, and talents and the passion to help others be successful is truly an accomplishment. Please take the time to let them know our gratitude. With our continued growth in members, partners, and sponsorships, each staff member is being asked to take on additional roles and tasks. Rebecca Wiggins has done a remarkable job leading the staff, managing the office, and working with the Board. I, along with the Board, will continue to support and trust Rebecca to effectively lead and guide the Board to have an efficient staff with the technology needed to take the organization into the future.

I am humbled to serve as AFCPE’s 2017 President and thank all of those who have served before me, as well as those who have helped lead the organization to where it is today. We are in a great position to continue this remarkable growth; to set the standard for professionals working in financial counseling, coaching and education; and to work together to achieve our shared vision for the field. I’m looking forward to the 2017 Symposium in San Diego, to showcase all the accomplishments of 2017.

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