The countdown has begun for the 2015 AFCPE® Annual Research and Training Symposium! This year, our theme is focused on building the bridge from research to practice. It reflects the rich diversity of professional expertise within our organization. However, it is also a call to action for the field at large. Our greatest impact will come, not from our individual efforts, but from the collective.

When we consider the mission and purpose of the diverse group of financial professionals who founded AFCPE more than 30 years ago, it is clear that we exist in partnership with one another.  Each area and skillset is dependent on the other to inform and validate. Our unique composition is essential to achieving our common mission and to continue to set the standards for the field.

With a focus on facilitating a richer connection between research and practice, this year we are introducing some exciting changes to our program. Each research session will include a discussant. The role of the discussant is to summarize the key points and implications from the research that can be applied in practice. We are also thrilled to host the 1st Annual Student Financial Counseling Bowl to showcase the knowledge of our university students.

This year also marks my 10th anniversary with AFCPE. It is amazing to look back over the progress we have made for this profession, thanks to your contributions. Over the past ten years, I have been fortunate to work with and learn from founding members, visionary Board leaders and a hard working staff that I respect and admire. This is a pivotal time for our organization and I am deeply committed to leading AFCPE to the next level.

With outstanding speakers and cutting-edge information shared through research and practice, the 2015 Symposium continues to be a unique professional development opportunity for all areas of the field. We hope you will join us to expand your education, share your knowledge and grow in your career! Let’s build this bridge together.

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