January 18, 2019

Virtual and in-person services available to federal employees and families

COLUMBUS, OH (January 25, 2019) – To provide support to the more than 800,000 federal employees who are working without pay during the government shutdown, the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning®(AFCPE®) has created a web page that lists financial services available to federal employees and their families.

As a result of the longest government shutdown in American history, the loss of paychecks is leaving many individuals and families in compromised financial positions. In partnership with their respective agencies and the local organizations they serve, AFCPE® certified professionals – Accredited Financial Counselors® (AFC®) and Financial Fitness Coaches (FFC®) – are offering in-person or virtual counseling, coaching and planning programs in various locations across the country. There are also webinars, articles and additional tools available for those who aren’t wishing to meet and discuss their financial situations.

“It is imperative we make resources available to the individuals and families who are being affected,” said Rebecca Wiggins, Executive Director of AFCPE®. “It is our hope we can connect our highly trained financial professionals across the country to support as many people as possible. We know the financial hardship many of them are facing and are continuing to add to this webpage daily.”

Those looking for assistance can visit afcpe.org/government-shutdown. Resources are listed by state, and many professionals are also providing virtual services for those who do not have a physical resource near them. These resources are available immediately and will continue to be available after the government shutdown has ended to provide continued support to those who have been affected by the loss and delay of paychecks.

About AFCPE®

AFCPE® ensures the highest integrity of the financial counseling profession by certifying, connecting, and supporting diverse professionals. Our comprehensive certification programs represent the gold standard for financial counseling, coaching, and education, including the AFC® (Accredited Financial Counselor®) certification which is accredited by NCCA and nationally recognized by BCFP and Department of Defense.


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