Jeffrey P. Lessard

Author: Henri L. Beenhakker Read More >

Barbara O'Neill

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Elizabeth Dolan

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M. J. Alhabeeb

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Ivan F. Beutler and Floyd W. Yorgason

The home is examined in terms of its value as a wealth preserving and accumulating asset. A systematic balance sheet approach is developed to identify basic factors by which home equity can be preserved, accumulated, or diminished. General discussion of the factors is followed by presentation of a general equation... Read More >

Sandra J. Huston and Y. Regina Chang

This study used the 1992 Survey of Consumer Finances to construct five household types in order to examine the impact of household type on household emergency fund holdings. Households headed by blacks were less likely than otherwise similar households to have adequate emergency fund holdings. Age, risk tolerance and education... Read More >

Seonglim Lee, Sherman Hanna and Mulya Siregar

This study investigates determinants of having saving for childrenýs education as a goal. Based on 1992 Survey of Consumer Finance data, 28% of the households with children under 18 have saving for childrenýs education as a goal. More educated parents are more likely to have college saving as a goalthan... Read More >

Kelly J. Todd and Sharon A. DeVaney

Parents of college students were surveyed about satisfaction with retirement planning and the use of retirement savings for children's college expenses. Those who had consulted a financial adviser for retirement were satisfied with their retirement planning as were those where the husband had a pension plan. Parents with two children... Read More >

Phillip Fuller, Emily Norman Zietz and Roger Calcote

Adequate and affordable long-term health care (LTC) is an important concern today. Results from a survey of Certified Public Accountants(CPAs) with the Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) designation indicate that many believe they, as financial counselors, should assume some of the responsibility of informing clients of the LTC financing problem. Many... Read More >

Sue L.T. McGregor and Ruth E. Berry

A 1994 national study examined the perceived impact of mandatory counseling for bankrupts in Canada, using a sample of 200 bankrupts matched with their trustee or counselor. Most bankrupts felt they received considerable or extensive benefit from counseling while trustees tended to have a more moderate outlook regarding the benefits.... Read More >

Charles B. Hatcher

This paper illustrates and executes a strategy for estimating the amount of wealth at which a person will retire. The concept of permanent income is used to frame the retirement decision as one where you retire when your full wealth can afford you your desired consumption. Recently retired individuals from... Read More >

Y. Regina Chang, Sherman Hanna and Jessie X. Fan

Empirical studies have found that most households do not have recommended levels of emergency funds. A three period model of optimal consumption is presented. The theoretical model suggests that many consumers without recommended levels of liquid assets may be acting rationally. The model is tested empirically with the 1983-1986 panels... Read More >