Elizabeth P. Davis

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Joan C. Koonce

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Tahira K. Hira, alyce M. Fanslow, and Renate Vogelsang

Objectives were to examine the relationship between insurance knowledge and insurance coverage and to determine the predictors of satisfaction with preparations for financial emergencies. The systems approach to managerial behaviors developed by Deacon and Firebaugh (1988) was used as the theoretical framework for the study. Personal interviews with 123 houseehold... Read More >

Mary Ellen Phillips, Norma L. Nielson,

A comprehensive personal financial plan prepared by a professional planner costs from $2,000 to $20,000 even when conventional computer software is used. A plan prepared by an expert system costs from $200 to $500 if no professional planner is involved. Because these systems can produce many plans at substantially reduced... Read More >

Charlotte V. Churaman

This study provides information on total cost of the support of unmarried students under 25 years of age attending public or private colleges under different residence options during the fall of 1986. The research is a secondary analysis of data from the National Postsecondary Student Aid Study (NPSAS). Since parents... Read More >

Xiaojing Jessie Fan, Yu-Chun Regina Chang and Sherman Hanna

A two period analysis of optimal credit use for consumers facing uncertain income is developed to give insight into factors related to rational credit use. Extensions of the model to more realistic situations are described. KEY WORDS: credit, bankruptcy Read More >

Jean M. Lown and In-Sook Ju

This study tested a preliminary model of credit use and financial satisfaction based on the Deacon and Firebaugh (1988) systems approach to management. The dependent variable in the model was financial satisfaction; the independent variables were categorized into three groups: socio-economic characteristics, credit attitudes, and credit practices. Respondent feelings about... Read More >

Deborah D. Godwin and Joan C. Koonce

Are low income newlywed couples different from their middle and upper income counterparts in terms of the way they feel about cash flow management and the patterns of their cash flow management behavior? That question was the focus of this study which utilized data from 106 newlywed couples. Using MANCOVA... Read More >

Elizabeth P. Davis and Ruth Ann Carr

The objective of this study was to determine if the presence and formality of spending plans (budgets) varied across the life cycle. Data were collected from a sample of non metropolitan households in Kansas. Stages of the life cycle were based on a modification of Duvall and Hill's (1948) stages... Read More >

Michael L. Walden

An overlooked decision in homebuying is whether making a higher down payment or paying points to lower the mortgage interest rate is better. This paper outlines the relative costs and benefits of each option and then simulates the options for various mortgage interest rates, lengths of stay, and tax brackets.... Read More >