Barbara O'Neill

Author(s): David Franklin Publisher: Keystone Enterprises, LLC (2006) ISBN: 0-9785149-0-4 Read More >

Lance Palmer

Authors: Ed Sherman and Bruce Janke Publisher: Nolo Press Occidental (2006) ISBN: 0-944508-58-8 Read More >

Gordon Genovese

Authors: Kelvin E. Boston Publisher: John Wiley and Sons, Inc. (2006) ISBN #0-470-06799-3 Read More >

Deanna L. Sharpe, Carol Anderson, Andrea White, Susan Galvan, and Martin Siesta

This study used survey data from 554 planners and 128 clients of those planners to examine the relationship between specific communication tasks, communication skills, communication topics, and client trust in and commitment to their financial planner and to the financial planning process. Communication skills significantly correlated with client trust and... Read More >

Paul J. Kelsey

The researcher hypothesized that increasing the number of indexing services covering a journal would increase library holdings and total citations for the journal. A sample group of 40 Journal Citation Reports (JCR) journals in the "Business, Finance" category was identified and checked for the number of times indexed in Ulrich's... Read More >

Lucy Delgadillo and Leslie E. Green Pimentel

The purposes of the study were to create a profile of the mortgage default clientele and to examine how clientele were utlizing the counseling services at a housing counseling center. Aspects considered were loan type, time of delinquency when clients sought counseling, referrals of clients, and the point in counseling... Read More >

Sharon A. DeVaney, Sophia T. Anong and Yuan Yang

The likelihood of owning homes, investment accounts, and retirement accounts by Black and White families was analyzed using data from the 2004 Survey of Consumer Finances. Education, income, and contact with more financial institutions were almost always influential in the likelihood of owning assets and the value of assets. White... Read More >

Michael Gutter, Celia Ray Hayhoe, and Lingling Wang

Using the transtheoretical model of behavior change (TTM), employee contributions to defined contribution (DC) plans were examined. The data came from the 2001 Survey of Consumer Finances (SCF). Households were categorized into one of four TTM stages: precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, and action. The findings indicated that life cycle characteristics, financial... Read More >

Jane Schuchardt, Dorothy C. Bagwell, William C. Bailey, Sharon A DeVaney, John E. Grable, Irene E. Leech, Jean M. Lown, Deanna L. Sharpe, and Jing J. Xiao

This commentary recommends that financial counseling and planning research, education, and practice be framed as an interdisciplinary profession called personal finance. Authors summarize the history of the profession and key theories providing the conceptual foundation. In order for the emerging profession of personal finance to achieve significant visibility and gain... Read More >