Paula Gradwell

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Barbara O'Neill

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Barbara O'Neill

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Barbara O'Neill

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A Comparative Analysis of the Expense Ratios of Domestic and International Open-End and Closed-End Equity Funds

Since it is difficult to determine whether fund performance is due to skill or luck, investors should use fees as a criterion when selecting funds because fees reduce returns. This study provides comparisons of expense ratios of domestic and international open-end and closed-end equity funds. A univariate analysis of expense... Read More >

John E. Grable and Ruth H. Lytton

The Survey of Consumer Finances (SCF) offers researchers one of the most popular sources of data for the study of financial risk tolerance. This paper reports findings from two studies that were designed to test the concurrent validity of the SCF financial risk tolerance assessment question. Comparisons between the commonly... Read More >

Richard F. Bieker, Sharon A. DeVaney and Zhan (Sandy) Chen

Because of the low rate of saving among households and concerns about the solvency of the Social Security trust fund, it is likely that more Americans will have to work beyond the now traditional retirement age of 65. This study uses data from the 1998 Survey of Consumer Finances to... Read More >

Terry L. Zivney and James P. Hoban, Jr.

Several papers have shown that very low turnover of assets within the mutual fund is the key to high tax efficiency. In contrast, Constantinides (1984) prescribes a nearly 100% annual turnover because tax law provides the direct investor in securities with two valuable timing options. While a mutual fund investor... Read More >

Alice M. Crites, Patricia A. Behal, Virginia A. Haldeman, and Kymberley K. Bennett

Parents of young children who participated in a home-study family financial management program reported a change in their financial behaviors following participation in the lessons. These parents, who subscribed to Money Sense for Your Children (a six-lesson parent newsletter series), changed the way they teach their children about money, changed... Read More >

John P. Caskey

This paper analyzes payday lending. Payday lenders generally make uncollateralized loans of $100 to $500 that borrowers agree to repay within about two weeks. Annualized interest rates on these loans are typically 400% or more. This paper explains the key features of payday loan contracts, reviews data profiling payday loan... Read More >

Sherman D. Hanna, Michael S. Gutter and Jessie X. Fan

Self-reported risk tolerance is a measurement of an individual's willingness to accept risk, making it a valuable tool for financial planners and researchers alike. Prior subjective risk tolerance measures have lacked a rigorous connection to economic theory. This study presents an improved measurement of subjective risk tolerance based on economic... Read More >