Sharon A. DeVaney and Tongxiao Catherine Zhang

Individual Retirement Accounts and 401(k) plans were introduced in the 1980s to encourage retirement saving. The amount saved in these accounts is likely to be affected by an individual's age, their cohort, and the economic conditions of the period. However, there is little research on the effect of age, period,... Read More >

Joan C. Koonce and Teresa A. Mauldin

This paper compared the availability of employer sponsored benefits among the working non poor, near poor and poor. The percentage of workers who indicated that each of the 11 benefits was available through their employer was higher for the working non poor than the other two income groups. In addition,... Read More >

Haejeong Kim and Sharon A. DeVaney

The purpose of the study was to determine factors predicting the amount of outstanding credit card balances among credit card revolvers. Data from the 1998 Survey of Consumer Finances and a Heckman two stage estimation were used for analysis. Factors related to the likelihood of having an outstanding balance differed... Read More >

John E. Grable and So hyun Joo

This study examines the factors associated with the choice of seeking help from a financial professional or non professional. It was found, using data from a sample of faculty and staff, that those who sought help from professional sources tended to have higher levels of financial risk tolerance and exhibit... Read More >

Kimberley Powell and John G. Powell

This paper explores the relationship between childbearing expectations and financial savings patterns among a group of mature age, first time mothers and examines how this relationship affects the transition to motherhood. Mature age women who had previously expected to remain childless are less likely to have saved, thus making the... Read More >

Frank C. Bearden

This case study focuses on conflicts of interest that financial planners may encounter when working with friends or relatives. The subjects were two practicing fee-based financial planners. Their reactions are significant because of the impact such reactions may have on the quality of financial planning delivered. Both planners indicated they... Read More >

Jeanne M. Hogarth and Marianne A. Hilgert

Using the 1995 and 1998 Survey of Consumer Finances, we provide a profile of households with home secured loans through finance and loan companies and explore the extent to which these loans reflect risk based characteristics. We find that risk related characteristics are major determinants of using a finance and... Read More >

Sharon A. DeVaney and Janet C. Bechman

This article explains the process of developing a retirement planning course for adult learners using distance education as the delivery medium. During the process, we made decisions about the purpose of the course, the target audience, the content, technical development, access, and promotion of the course. Throughout the process, Cooperative... Read More >