Sharon A. DeVaney

Author: Teresa A. Sullivan, Elizabeth Warren and Jay Lawrence Westbrook Consumer Sciences and Retailing Department Publisher: Yale University Press Read More >

Richard Widdows

Author: Bruno S. Frey Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing Read More >

John E. Grable

Author: Jeffrey H. Rattiner Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing Read More >

William B. Joyce

Retirement planning requires care to distinguish between the promised nominal rate and the real interest rate: that is, the rate at which the real value of the investment grows. Nominal cash flows (measured in current dollars) should be discounted at nominal rates. Real cash flows (measured in constant dollars) should... Read More >

Jean M. Lown and In-Sook Ju

The recent economic crisis in Asia offers western financial professionals the opportunity to share expertise developed over many decades. Using South Korea as an example, this position paper describes how declining purchasing power and employment dislocation affect families. With appropriate modifications consistent with cultural traditions, a western model of financial... Read More >

Eun-Ju Lee and Jinkook Lee

Based upon the theory of diffusion of innovation, we examined the diffusion of various electronic banking technologies, such as ATMs, debit cards, smart cards, direct deposit, and direct payment, along with the characteristics of adopters and non-adopters of those technologies. Using the 1995 Survey of Consumer Finances we found that,... Read More >

Mark D. Forster and James M. Carson

For most consumers, life insurance is an essential component of long-term financial planning. Although life insurance is designed as a long-term contract, replacement of policies remains high. This study illustrates an analytical tool (marginal yield analysis) that provides insight on the life insurance replacement decision. For a sample of whole... Read More >

Marlene S. Stum

This study examined the meaning attributed to later life financial security goals from the perspective of involved family members. Interviews with 45 families coping with the demands of long term care provided insight into six goal patterns potentially important to later life financial security: self-sufficiency; spouse's financial security; control; leaving... Read More >

Jay L. Zagorsky

How accurate are individuals' perceptions of their wealth holdings? Data from the National Longitudinal Surveys show approximately 70% of all respondents believe they hold far less and 25% believe they hold far more wealth than they actually possess. For every dollar of wealth owned, typical individuals believe they hold only... Read More >

Barbara O'Neill, Jing J. Xiao, Barbara Bristow, Patricia Brennan and Claudia M. Kerbel

Perceived resources and obstacles to financial goal attainment of 520 MONEY 2000 participants are reported. Open-ended questions were used to solicit responses. The most frequently mentioned resource that helped respondents make progress toward financial goals was personal qualities (e.g., discipline, knowledge) and action. Having a goal or plan, financial publications... Read More >