Job Category: Experienceship
Job Location: Remote
Experience Hour Opportunity: Pre-Approved Experience Hour Opportunity


To apply, contact Colleen Lindbeck, Associate Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships at

Position Description

As part of its FinancialSmarts financial literacy education program, UMBC will be hosting its annual Money Smart Week (MSW) event which is planned for April 15-21, 2023.

We are seeking volunteers to facilitate one hour virtual workshops on various topics. Some topics of interest are:

  • Investing
  • Identity Theft
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Taxes
  • Other topic ideas are welcomed.

In some cases, we may have some existing content/material the presenter can leverage but in other cases, the presenter would need to develop their own material. In addition to the list of suggested topics, we would welcome other topics for consideration. The MSW events are strictly voluntary for students so the virtual workshops could have as few as 5 participants and as many as 25-30 participants, depending on the topic.

For more information about UMBC’s FinancialSmarts program and Money Smart Week visit – and click on “Learn” and then “Money Smart Week”.



  • Workshop presenters will be required to either leverage existing content or develop content and facilitate an interactive workshop. Prior to the workshop the presenter will meet with the coordinator to review content and discuss workshop logistics (date, time, etc.). After workshop, presenter will complete a workshop debriefing and summary form to assist in future planning.


Time Commitment/Availability

  • One hour for planning and prep, one hour for workshop and 30 minutes for workshop debriefing.


Required Qualifications

  • None.


Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience developing and delivering content for college-age students.
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