AFC Ethics: Ethical Decision-Making for Accredited Financial Counselors

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AFC Ethics: Cultivate ethical decision-making skills essential for Accredited Financial Counselors (AFC) in this interactive course. Delve into the standards of practice governing AFCs, exploring real-world scenarios and case studies. Through engaging discussions and activities, participants will gain a deep understanding of ethical principles and their application in financial counseling. Equip yourself with the tools to navigate complex ethical dilemmas […]


Advocate for New Immigrants: Allyship and Coaching for Accelerated Financial Confidence

Webinar / Online Meeting Online Meeting

Join this practical deep dive into how financial counselors can connect with and coach new immigrants on their money related goals and behaviors. You will hear a true story from a new immigrant, learn to address new immigrants’ anxiety and lack of awareness about the US financial system, and glean insights on how to provide personalized money coaching. You will […]