From early childhood through college and beyond, personal finance should be a requirement at every point of a person’s development. AFC® professionals are meeting people where they are through financial coaching, counseling, and education.

Learn how you can use your AFC® or FFC® certification in a variety of education careers.


Cooperative Extension

While they’re typically housed with a university department, cooperative extensions do work that extends beyond the university — educating adults, youth and children in communities throughout the state.


College Education

Teach at the undergraduate or graduate level, conduct research, and provide service. You’ll often work in programs within the human sciences or an equivalent department.


Financial Aid

Educate students on the options to pay for post-secondary school, including grants, scholarships, student loans and personal funds. Ensure that federal aid is applied, disbursed and returned in accordance with federal guidelines.


Campus Financial Literacy

Direct campus efforts to increase financial literacy and capability among university students. Determine strategic plans and provide or oversee one-on-one financial counseling and workshops for students.

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