Channel the passion you feel for AFCPE and talk about it with others who can benefit from the AFCPE network, training, tools, and resources! 

Below are some of the resources we use to share the value of AFCPE Membership and Certification. 

Please share these with friends, colleagues, and organizations who share our mission and vision. 

Encourage them to get certified. Become a member. To Set the Standard.

Download Certification Marketing: Constituency Focused

More marketing being developed. Have suggestions? 
Email the Communications Team

Financial Counseling and Financial Coaching

Why AFCPE Certification? Credibility. Confidence. Results.

Share the value of an AFCPE certification and the differences between our coaching and counseling programs.

Membership: A Diverse and Inclusive Community.

Share ALL the great benefits of membership. 

Click on the link below. Copy and paste the URL, and send it to a friend, colleague, or peer. AFCPE Membership is a great first step into all that AFCPE has to offer!

 Other Great Resources to Share...

AFCPE’s 2019 Annual Report

Our new AFCPE Certification Video: Value to Your Career!

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