Dr. Kate Mielitz, AFC

Kate Mielitz


Dr. Kate Mielitz has been an AFC® since 2009 and a member of AFCPE since 2014. Since 1999 she has worked in financial areas including Collections, Fraud, Bankruptcy, and Financial Counseling and Education. Prior to obtaining her PhD in Personal Financial Planning in 2018 from Kansas State University, Kate worked in the credit union industry, a credit counseling non-profit, a day center for families experiencing homelessness, and also with Army soldiers, reservists, and their families. Kate is a FINRA Military Spouse Fellow and was awarded the Military Spouse Fellowship “Mentor of the Year” Award in 2019. She was also nominated in 2019 for the Inclusive Excellence Award at Oklahoma State University. Kate has served on the Career Task Force and the Bridging the Gap (Research to Practice) Task Force.  

As an Assistant Professor in Family Financial Planning at Oklahoma State University since 2018, Dr. Mielitz was brought in to grow the undergraduate Family Financial Planning program. Of note, she developed a course, Financial Perspectives throughout the United States, that is approved for general education Diversity and Social Science credits. This course has been taught three times (including Fall 2020) and uses the lenses of Race/Ethnicity, Sex/Gender, Aging, Family Structure, Religion, Music, and Wealth/Wealth Disparity to help students investigate and better understand how diverse individuals and families use money.

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