Accredited Financial Counselor

AFC® certification marks the highest standards of excellence in the field of financial counseling and education. Our programs train professionals to guide clients through a holistic counseling framework of life cycle financial education. This allows the professional to provide a high-level, tailored approach based on the needs of each client to effectively analyze and create lasting financial behavior change.

The Abilities of a Financial Counselor

Accredited Financial Counselors have certified skills to assist individuals and families in the complex process of financial decision making, including the ability to:

  • Educate clients in sound financial principles.
  • Assist clients in the process of overcoming their financial indebtedness.
  • Help clients identify and modify ineffective money management behaviors.
  • Guide clients in developing successful strategies for achieving their financial goals.
  • Support clients as they work through their financial challenges and opportunities.
  • Help clients develop new perspective on the dynamics of money in relation to family, friends and individual self-esteem.


  • $50 non-refundable enrollment fee
  • $475/course (The AFC Program has two courses. See Course Content)*

* GI Bill eligible. For more information contact Michelle Starkey.

Proctoring Fees charged by ProctorU, universities/colleges, education centers, etc are not included in course or enrollment fee.

Step 1: Complete registration form and submit the form with payment ($50 non-refundable enrollment fee along with $475/course) to the AFCPE offices. Click here to enroll

Step 2: Identify proctor online through ProctorU, or at your local community college or learning center, and complete the exam. Candidates must earn a 70% on each course examination.

Step 3: Complete 1,000 hours of experience in financial counseling experience:

  • Offering one-on-one counseling or advising services for clients
  • Developing and conducting education and training for clients.
  • Developing education and training programs for financial counselors.
  • Education and training financial counselors.
  • Serving as an education director for a financial counseling organization.
  • Supervising financial counselors.

Step 4: Submit three letters of reference attesting to professional competence and experience (one from supervisor, one from a fellow professional and one from a client). This is completed once 1,000 hours is submitted.

Step 5: Adhere to the AFC Code of Ethics and maintain post-certification requirements.

Paths & Programs for AFC Certification

Self-Paced Study
Distance Learning Program
Approved University Program
FINRA Foundation Military Spouse Fellowship Program

Additional Guidance

Review Sessions