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Rachael DeLeon

Trying to grow your financial counseling or coaching private practice, but feeling overwhelmed by the social media landscape? We asked six AFC® professionals, all coming off of a week at FinCon19: Where Money and Media Meet – an annual gathering of digital content creators, influencers, and brands in personal finance... Read More >

Carrie Johnson, Ph.D., AFC®

Many times when working with clients and asking about income, they only discuss their salary and/or hourly wage. However, employee benefits are a part of income that cannot be overlooked. Your client may already be taking advantage of some of these benefits and not using them to their fullest extent,... Read More >

Summer Red, AFC®

AFCPE’s Professional Development Manager, Summer Red, answers your most frequent questions around ethics, webinars, and AFCPE® continuing education.  What is the Ethics CEU requirement, how do I meet it, and why is it so important? Agreeing to follow AFCPE’s Code of Ethics is a core requirement of the AFC® certification. ... Read More >

Stephanie R. Yates, Ph.D., AFC®, CFP®, RFC®

You may have seen the commercials and maybe even had a client ask about it. What exactly is Experian Boost? Experian Boost is a tool that consumers can use to increase their credit score by enabling the credit bureau to factor in payments that are traditionally not incorporated into credit... Read More >

Allison Spurgin

Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez’s updated Your Money or Your Life, is a simple, easy to follow guide to getting into a better place financially, as well as setting oneself up for future successes and contentment down the line. This approximately 300-page book weaves together anecdotes, reader’s personal stories and... Read More >

Rebecca Wiggins

It is hard to believe, but the 2019 AFCPE® Symposium is just around the corner. Mark your calendars and register soon to join us November 19-21 in Portland, Oregon. Please note, this year we start on Tuesday, November 19th.  The program theme is “Connect * Empower * Impact”, emphasizing the... Read More >

Leslie Green-Pimentel

Did you get to attend a graduation ceremony recently?  I did! It was wonderful to see all the students dressed in their caps and gowns surrounded by proud parents, friends, and teachers.  So much excitement and promise in the air! Graduation often means at least 2 things... 1) hitting the... Read More >

Carrie L. Johnson, Ph.D., AFC®

Assisting clients to increase their financial satisfaction is one part of a financial counselor’s goals. The three articles summarized below discuss financial satisfaction using slightly different lenses. Financial counselors and educators can help individuals increase their financial satisfaction by increasing their financial knowledge, confidence, and positive behaviors. “Financial Knowledge, Confidence,... Read More >

Luke Erickson

There are so many things you can do with a Smartphone that it can be unsettling when you see someone actually talking on one. Between Androids and iPhones there are now over 5 million apps that have been downloaded a cumulative total of 140 billion times (Picoto, Duarte & Pinto,... Read More >

Dan Hebert, Jump$tart Coalition Director of Professional Development

For more than 20 years, the Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy (jumpstart.org) has been dedicated to building a financially literate future for our nation’s youth. And since its inception, a key focus has been on providing support and professional development for K-12 classroom teachers. One of the organization’s first... Read More >

Jessica Allen, AFC®

Sitting in my husband’s hospital room in Walter Reed, an Army official referred to me as my husband’s “caregiver.” Before this point, I had only thought of myself as an Army wife, mom, tax preparer, and the other things I was currently doing. Being a caregiver was a term I... Read More >

Jane Strommen, Extension Gerontology Specialist North Dakota State University

So, who are caregivers and what do they do?  A caregiver is someone who helps another with things he or she cannot do for him/herself due to a serious medical condition or the aging process in general. Often, caregivers are family members who care for their parents or close relatives... Read More >