Elizabeth Wolleben Yoder, CFP®

A note on language: Some people are advocates for person-first language, for example stating that they have Autism. Others are strong advocates in the opposite direction, using identity language, stating that they are Autistic. Many others don’t care and like to order language for ease of use and flow of... Read More >

Glen R. Cone

Most of the time people contact an advisor only when they feel they need to, and certain milestone events trigger that need, it is as simple as that. Some events we universally all will experience, and the significance they can have, often ripples across two or more generations. Late-in-life planning... Read More >

Schane D. Coker, AFC, FFC, Doctoral Student at Florida International University

Introduction Economic inequality disproportionately impacts U.S. racial and ethnic minorities. This disproportionate inequality has shaped how they view their current financial situations as well as how they set their household financial goals. Native Americans have historically been hindered from achieving economic well-being due to U.S. governmental policies on native lands.... Read More >

Rachael DeLeon, Interim Executive Director

As we approach the 8th month of 2022, I’m reminded that there is a lot to celebrate! We continue our ongoing celebration of #30yearsofAFC! Take a moment, if you haven’t already, to leave a message on our Birthday Kudoboard! We’re preparing to launch a refresh of our Money Management Essentials... Read More >

Michele Godfrey, AFC®

Greetings, AFCPE members and friends. I am thrilled to be welcoming in the summer, and I have enjoyed connecting with family and friends I have not had the opportunity to connect with for quite some time. Even though many of us have been able to execute our travel or staycation... Read More >

Mark Munzenberger

The AFCPE Government Relations Task Force spends time each meeting discussing some of the most pressing legislative issues currently facing our country, and ultimately the impact it has on the individuals and families we work with. There are few issues that generate as much lively discussion as the topics of... Read More >

Krista Kretzschmar, CFP®

In 2006, World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) was established by the International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse and the World Health Organization at the United Nations to provide an opportunity for communities around the world to promote a better understanding of abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation of... Read More >

Dr. Mary Bell Carlson

I hope you’ve been able to tune into some of the great conversations we’ve had on Real Money, Real Experts podcast this season. If not, here are some of the highlights with quick links for easy listening! Download your favorites and catch up on your daily commute or morning walk. ... Read More >

April Berggren-Batts

Summer can bring many opportunities to spend money. Without a plan, this can lead to excessive credit card debt. Let us take a minute to discuss how to develop a plan to avoid debt completely, how credit cards can cost you money, and how to avoid and minimize debt now. ... Read More >

Dr. Barbara O’Neill, CFP®, AFC® Owner/CEO, Money Talk Financial Planning Seminars and Publications

I recently read Retirement Planning Guidebook, a 453-page tome by retirement researcher and American College professor Dr. Wade Pfau, cover to cover. As an age 60+ adult and a CFP® professional, I consider myself fairly well informed about retirement planning topics. Nevertheless, there were still many valuable insights.  Whether you... Read More >

Jacquie Carroll, Ed.D, AFC

You Had Me at Hello: Three Strategies for Making Initial Connections Introduction Anyone who has ever tried to teach personal finance either to a client, a group of workshop participants, or actual college students, knows that all too often, eyes glaze over and shoulders shrug—let’s face it—personal finance is not... Read More >

Michele Godfrey, AFC®

Greetings from the AFCPE President’s Office! It feels like winter lasted incredibly long, but now Spring has finally arrived! During what seemed like the longest cold season ever, the AFCPE staff, Board of Directors, and Task Forces have been working hard to bring you another exceptional year of services and... Read More >