Jackie Kelly, AFC®

Author & Publisher: Catalina Laschon, AFC® (December 12, 2023) Pages: 215 Website: https://newimmigrantsbooks.wixsite.com/books  Contact: newimmigrants.journey@gmail.com  Connect: https://www.linkedin.com/in/catalina-laschon/  Introduction/Thesis “Brave and Glorious New Immigrants in Corporate America” Trilogy by Catalina Laschon is an honest and practical guide for new immigrants, or anyone coming of age, to understand U.S. culture and to... Read More >

Cortney Howard

Companionship, unconditional love, entertainment. These are just a few of the benefits pet owners worldwide enjoy because of the impenetrable bonds they share with their nonhuman counterparts. Pets provide their human companions with opportunities to exercise and socialize, medical and emotional support, respite from loneliness, boredom, or depression, and lots... Read More >

Andi Wrenn, AFC®

Have you ever heard of duty to warn, duty to protect, or mandatory reporter? This topic is one that comes up when discussing ethics and standards of practice as an AFC®. I have been in the role of mandatory reporter my entire adult life. What exactly does that mean do... Read More >

AFC® Candidates Catherine Wagoner with input from Manuela Gonsalves

I began my candidacy for Accredited Financial Counselor® in the Winter of 2020. With gratitude, I am a scholarship candidate, which is such a blessing for those of us who feel called to help people in their financial journey but don’t want to do it in a way that isn’t... Read More >