I am excited and humbled at the opportunity to serve as president of AFCPE® for 2019. I’d like to express my thanks to our past president, Jerry Buchko, for his time, dedication, and thoughtful service to AFCPE. I’d also like to say welcome to our new board members!

  • Starlett Henderson (Practitioner)

  • Andi Wrenn (Military/Government)

  • Michele Godfrey (Military/Government)

  • Ellie Kay (Appointed for Marketing and Public Relations)

  • Kent Lutz (Appointed for Fundraising and Development)

I’ve had the privilege of serving on the board of directors and representing the university/education constituency since 2015. While serving in this capacity, I have come to learn that the success of AFCPE is attributed to the hard work and dedication of the membership as well as the AFCPE staff and executive director. Countless volunteer hours are devoted by members to the various task forces and many more hours are spent by AFCPE staff and contractors all resulting in great benefits to the members, new partnerships, broad reach to consumers, outstanding marketing, innovative website services, continuing education, and much more. I am honored to be part of an organization that is sincerely concerned about the success of its members and the success of the individuals they serve every day.

I enjoyed getting to see old friends and making new ones at the symposium in Norfolk, VA.  It was refreshing to get out of the office and rub shoulders with such dedicated colleagues! I enjoyed talking about our work and brainstorming new ideas together. It was truly motivational to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the AFC® and join the campaign to raise our AFCPE voices! I especially appreciated the keynote speakers and breakout sessions this year. I found them personally and professionally helpful in many ways as I’m sure you did, too.

I was glad to see within many presentations the acknowledgement that the financial struggles our clients and students face are not always isolated issues and thus do not always call for isolated solutions. I was impressed to see a more holistic approach as speakers addressed issues such as disabilities, mental health, theories from other fields like psychology, and the need for an increase in open mindedness. While we are not equipped to provide holistic services, an awareness of the diversity of needs among our clients/students can help us make appropriate referrals and expand the lens through which we view the people we serve. Lastly, the awards ceremony was particularly inspiring as we celebrated the outstanding work that so many of you do.

We have an exciting year ahead of us! Some things that I’m looking forward to are:

  • The charge to Raise Your AFCPE Voice.

  • The challenge to be more inclusive and accepting in our thinking and service delivery.

  • The invitation to be part of the Strategic Impact Fund and help students and members for generations to come.

  • The opportunity to expand our knowledge through the added membership benefit of free webinars.

  • The growth through the new partnership with FEMA, the continued efforts of the Government Relations Task Force, and continued efforts to bridge the gap by merging research and practice.

AFCPE is here to serve you and your clients/students!  Please feel free to share your ideas, concerns, and opinions. You can do this by reaching out to the board, the AFCPE staff, or by joining a task force. You each have a wealth of knowledge and something unique to contribute!  If you have a specific passion and you’d like to contribute to the work in that area, consider joining a task force. There are many to choose from and include a wide range of topics such as Government Relations, Finance, Investment, Newsletter, Awards, Diversity and Inclusion, Career Services, and the list goes on. Task Forces meet virtually, by phone, and/or e-mail. You can select a task force that complements your expertise and availability. If you’d like to join a task force, simply reach out to the AFCPE staff.

As we set our professional goals this new year, let’s stay true to maintaining the highest standard in practice, research, and ethics and allow AFCPE’s vision to become part of (or remain) our vision… “A future where all people — regardless of income or background — are empowered to achieve lasting financial well-being through the highest standards of financial counseling, coaching and education.”

Let’s Raise Our Voice, AFCPE!

Leslie Green-Pimentel, AFC® 
2019 AFCPE Board President

Leslie Green-Pimentel, Ph.D., AFC® is the incoming president of AFCPE.

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