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The AFCPE® Research Task Force has a lofty agenda for 2018. The biggest contributions you will notice from the task force are related to theJournal of Financial Counseling & Planning (JFCP). We are actively reading, summarizing, and creating what we believe to be the key takeaways for  practitioners from the June issue of JFCP. Look for the summaries on AFCPE’s Twitter account by following @AFCPE. We are hoping that these quick summaries will help readers easily gauge implications relevant to their work. From there, readers will have a better idea of how to prioritize articles from the Journal. While reading the full article, you can reference the “How to Read Research Articles” guide published within the June issue as initially presented by the 2017 Research Task Force.

Annual Symposium

The Research Task Force is also excited to introduce you to Jorge Cham, creator of Ph.D. Comics. Jorge has a creative way of disseminating pertinent information to the general public and will be sharing his strategies at the AFCPE Annual Symposium in November with a presentation and an interactive break-out session. This topic is as diverse as our attendees. Whether you’re a researcher communicating the relevance of statistical information, an educator providing life-long lessons to a student, or a practitioner imparting personal financial knowledge to a client, we can all relate to the complexities of communicating sometimes “complex” information in an understandable and relatable manner.

Some future goals of the Task Force include:

  • Highlighting researchers on the AFCPE blog, or in The Standardso that you can become familiar with the person behind the research.
  • Integrating JFCP research into AFCPE’s professional development efforts by delivering one to two times per year, as part of AFCPE’s Financial Counseling Community on FPA Connect.

The ultimate goal is to build collaborations among practitioners and researchers to generate practice-oriented research.

How you can support our efforts!

If you have experience in creating infographics, the Research Task Force welcomes your expertise! We are also interested in hearing your suggestions. What do you want to know about research and researchers? Please contact any of the committee members as shown below.

Task ForceMembers: Sonya Lutter (Chair—, Cherie Stueve, Rachel Bi, Diana Yacob, Elaine Grogan Luttrull, Kate Mielitz, Jim Blair, and Jim Ketchum.

The Task Force committee thanks Rachael DeLeon and Jing Xiao for their contributions to the task force.

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