It is a busy time for many of us, our colleagues, and of course the many families that you help. I want to let you know that AFCPE is busy working hard for all of you as well. In addition to the accreditation process and projects, we are gearing up for what I think will be our best Symposium yet!

This year we will focus on “Building the Bridge from Research to Practice.”
I am excited for one of our opening sessions that will focus on a panel of accomplished researchers who are quite familiar with our field. Our panelists include: Dottie Durband, Ph.D., AFC®, Director of the School of Family Studies and Human Services at Kansas State University; Sherman Hanna, Ph.D., professor, Human Sciences Department, Ohio State University; Sandra Huston, Ph.D., associate professor, Personal Financial Planning, Texas Tech University; and Barbara O’Neill, Ph.D., CFP®, CRPC, AFC®, CHC, CFEd, CFCS extension specialist in financial resource management, distinguished professor, Rutgers Cooperative Extension. These distinguished researchers have worked with untold numbers of graduate students, financial planners, counselors, and educators. Their research is well known to many of you through our own Journal of Financial Counseling & Planning.

This panel will focus on three key areas.
(1) Current trends in field research related to our field, (2) Steps we need to take together in order to move the profession of financial counseling and education to the next level and, (3) Thoughts on how researchers and practitioners can effectively come together to inform one another’s work. This panel and their discussion of these issues will not only help to set the stage for the symposium, but also will provide us with some direction as we move our field forward!

I am excited to see all of you in November. Feel free to bring your best hat and I hope you can find me for a picture! I know I will bring a few of mine!

Take time to recharge, reinvigorate, and reenergize at the AFCPE Research Symposium this November. It is the best investment you can make on behalf of yourself and the people you serve.

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