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Being engaged with colleagues is one of the things I enjoy most about being on the Board of Directors for AFCPE. And this year I don’t expect to engage any less. As the 2023 President of the AFCPE Board I look forward to connecting to as many AFC’s, Candidates, and Partners as I can fit in to each week. There are so many ways you can engage in our community.

The symposium is a great way to engage. Many of you participated virtually or in-person in Orlando in November 2022. For me the symposium charges me to move forward with new ideas and to contribute to making financial education positive and more accessible to all. This past symposium didn’t disappoint. I encourage you to think about what you would like to learn during the 2023 symposium in New Orleans. Who do you want to see speak? Do you want to present? How can you help make the next symposium as fantastic!

Joining a task force is a great way to engage in the community. You will have the opportunity to connect with professionals in the field, and not necessarily within your own constituency. There are so many wonderful opportunities, and you can sign up for one during January!

Getting to know your representatives on the Board of Directors is a great way to engage. During our November meeting, I let the board know that I encourage them to talk with the people in their field. Learn what you want to share and what you need from AFCPE. The more voices we hear, the more our organization can lean in and help the profession. Reach out and connect, be engaged in your community.

Attending AFCPE events online is a great way to engage. You can continue that great feeling of networking and learning new things through the monthly offerings AFCPE provides members. The AFCPE Member Exchange is a virtual platform to share knowledge, ask questions, connect and more. Virtual Member Meetups allows you time to meet professionals within our community. Professional Development helps us here new ways to approach topics important to those we serve. Being a mentor or becoming a mentee is a way to connect in a very meaningful way. Attending office hours also can connect you with the AFCPE team. I have participated for many years in all these areas, and it has helped me be the best professional I can be. I continue to grow daily through engagement in the community. Keep the excitement of attending symposium going all year long!

Writing to connect is something I have enjoyed. Whether it is for a Journal submission, Newsletter article, or blog, share your knowledge with others in the field. We need to hear from you. Did you read something that inspired you, or really changed your path or practice? Let the author know how much what they wrote meant to them. Let them know they are valued.

I hope this inspires you to engage. Now I have a few people I want to thank. Rachael DeLeon is at the helm of AFCPE and has a lot planned for the AFCPE team and expansion as the organization grows. She is leading the way this year with strategic planning happening this year. Thank you for your vision. All the AFCPE staff, contractors and partners continue to help the organization grow and do things that improve the support of candidates and the professionals in the fields. Thank you all!

Michele Godfrey was the 2022 President of the AFCPE Board of Directors. This was a busy year to be president and she did an excellent job and accomplished a great deal. Thank you, Michele, for charging forward. I look forward to your assistance as Past-President this year to help guide me.

Outgoing AFCPE Board of Directors worked through an interesting time with the pandemic as during majority of their term. Let’s give them a big thank you for all they have done for the organization.

  • Meredith Lozar, Past President
  • Jen Hemphill
  • Bud Schneeweis
  • Krista Loew
  • Amanda Wilson

The AFCPE Board of Directors has a vital role with the organization. We have a lot that we plan to accomplish this year. The Executive team will be working for you. Please welcome the Executive Committee for 2023:

  • Past-President: Michele Godfrey
  • President-Elect: Don Fulton
  • Secretary: Brandy Baxter
  • Treasurer: Holly Zugay

The last group to recognize is those coming onto the board in 2023. I am excited to have each of you on the board and know you bring with you a wealth of experience and engagement within your communities. Thank you for joining the mission as leaders.

  • Jacquie Carroll (Service)
  • Andia Dinesen (Financial Industry)
  • Sasha Grabenstetter (Financial Industry)
  • Michael Rousch (Accessiblity)

Every one of you are valuable to the field. I hope you know your value and can express it to the communities you serve. Our professional engagement helps us grow in community and profession. I look forward to connecting with you this year and years to follow!


Andi Wrenn AFC®

2023 AFCPE Board President

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