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Barbara O'Neill

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John E. Grable

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Sharon A. DeVaney

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Jane Schuchardt, Sherman D. Hanna, Tahira K. Hira, Angela C. Lyons, Lance Palmer, and Jing Jian Xiao

Twenty-nine scholars from public and private universities, non-profit organizations, and the federal government participated in a National Research Symposium on Financial Literacy and Education in October 2008 in Washington, DC. The purpose was to identify critical research questions that could inform outcomes-based financial education, relevant public policy, and effective practice... Read More >

Martha Henn McCormick

In the current financial crisis, children and youth are uniquely impacted by household finance complexities. Moments of financial trouble are teachable opportunities for children and youth to learn about personal finance and to improve their own money management skills. However, comprehensive strategies for educating them about personal finance have not... Read More >

John J. Spitzer

Even with the generally recognized "safe" withdrawal amount of 4% of the retirement portfolio starting balance, more than 5% of retirement portfolios will run out of money over a 30-year period. Bootstrap simulations were used to estimate the probability of outliving a retirement portfolio as increasing proportions of a tax-deferred... Read More >

Nathaniel J. Harness, Michael S. Finke, and Swarn Chatterjee

The capital accumulation ratio (CAR) is commonly used in academic research as a measure of household portfolio quality. This study tested whether a higher initial CAR impacts change in wealth over a decade among households in the accumulation life cycle stage. Meeting the 25% CAR guideline resulted in a 28.1%... Read More >

Cliff A. Robb and Deanna L. Sharpe

Analysis of survey data collected from 6,520 students at a large Midwestern University affirmed that financial knowledge is a significant factor in the credit card decisions of college students but not entirely in expected ways. Results of a double hurdle analysis indicated that students with relatively higher levels of financial... Read More >

Lewis Mandell and Linda Schmid Klein

This study examined the differential impact on 79 high school students of a personal financial management course completed 1 to 4 years earlier. This study used a matched sample design based on a school system's records to identify students who had and had not taken a course in personal financial... Read More >

Russell N. James III

This paper compares pre-death charitable testamentary expectations with post-death distributions for deceased panel members in the 1995-2006 Health and Retirement Study. Most respondents who reported having a charitable estate plan in the survey wave immediately prior to their death ultimately generated no charitable estate gift after death. Cross-tabulations, linear probability... Read More >