Tim S. Griesdorn

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Barbara O'Neill

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Barbara O'Neill

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Jennifer Hobbs Plantier and Dorothy Bagwell Durband

Most military installations have the resources available to operate as an independent community. However, immediate access to these resources tends to promote societal disconnection for the civilian military spouse (CMS). This disconnection leaves the CMS with many misconceptions when it comes to certain life skills. The Department of Defense (DoD)... Read More >

Russell N. James III and Deanna L. Sharpe

How do renters approaching retirement respond to their absence of housing equity? Traditional life cycle accumulation theory suggests compensation by increased investment in other asset classes. Behavioral ýmental accountingý suggests that there may be no affect on investment in other asset classes. Finally, a model of self-selection based on underlying... Read More >

Sharon M. Danes and Heather R. Haberman

A social constructionist perspective was taken in the current investigation of 5,329 male and female high school students. Gender differences were investigated in financial knowledge, self-efficacy, and behavior after studying a financial planning curriculum. Females gained more knowledge on credit, auto insurance, and investments, although males had more knowledge entering... Read More >

Cazilia Loibl, Jonghee Lee, Jonathan Fox, and Erin Mentel-Gaeta

The choice processes women investors employ when making mutual fund decisions in employer-based retirement plans were examined. A qualitative analysis of focus group material was used to investigate women?s decision making environments and strategies employed for this high-consequence decision. Interpretation of extracts from the focus groups suggests that the observed... Read More >

Sharon A. DeVaney and Sophia T. Anong

This research identified the characteristics of respondents in different quintiles of the income distribution using data from the three most recent Surveys of Consumer Finances (1998, 2001, and 2004). Using multinomial logistic regression, each quintile was compared to the middle quintile of the income distribution (41st to 60th income percentile)... Read More >

Cong Wang and Sherman D. Hanna

Data from the 1992's 2004 Survey of Consumer Finances were used to examine the risk tolerance and stock ownership of three types of households: those that do not own a business, those that own and manage a business, and those that own but do not manage a business. Non-manager business... Read More >


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