Elizabeth Scannell

This study analyzed the household financial management practices and well-being of 154 dairy farm families. The debt-to-asset ratio was negatively related to age, and positively related to presence of a child under 18 and to education of the spouse. Older respondents were pessimistic about their present and near future financial... Read More >

Sharon Burgess Seiling and Golden Jackson

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the financial planning implications of child support awards made at time of divorce. A hypothetical case study approach is used to describe a typical divorce award, to compare a typical settlement with costs of raising children, and to project an alternative settlement... Read More >

Jean M. Lown and Janeen Cook

The validity and reliability of an instrument to assesses attitudes toward seeking financial counseling were evaluated. Content validity was affirmed by a jury of educators, counselors and researchers. Criterion-related validity was supported by comparing scores to three criterion questions. Construct validity was evaluated by examining the relationship between scores and... Read More >

Sharon A. Burns and Richard Widdows

A retirement analysis framework was applied to data from a large sample of consumers to explore the difference in required retirement savings rates when the operational definitions of three retirement analysis factors were varied. Four retirement analyses were completed. The first incorporated the value of the parameters used by Duncan,... Read More >

Carol G. Prather

Application of the ratio analysis technique to personal financial statements offers potential in expanding insight into specific strengths and weaknesses of a family?s financial situation. Norms for 16 ratios, based on data from the 1983 Survey of Consumer Finances (SCF), are presented with indications of how each ratio might be... Read More >

Elizabeth P. Davis and Judith A. Weber

This study investigated households' use of four recommended financial management practices and possible obstacles to using those practices. These four practices included budgeting, keeping records of expenditures, comparing the records to the budget, and estimating net worth. Data were collected from a sample of non metropolitan households living in Kansas.... Read More >

Craig L. Israelsen

This paper reviews a sample of family resource management research published between1930 and1990. Specific attention is paid to the chronological development of financial and human/household research topics over the 60 year period. Societal events in the United States which influenced empirical research are discussed. Suggestions for future research are made.... Read More >